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03 Methods To Do Hair Streaks At Home – Hair Streaks Tutorial

03 Methods to do Hair Streaks at Home

The good thing about hair streaks is that it adds color to your hair without committing entirely to a new color. If you are expert enough to dye your own hair, visit your nearest beauty cosmetic outlets and purchase all the necessary supplies. You need bleaching along with dyeing color to lighten your hair. You can start the dyeing process when you get all the supplies.

Hair streaks

Method 1

Planning and Supplies Arrangement

1. Choose your hair color

First of all, you have to decide a color for your Hair streaks. If you are doing it for the first time, you should go with a lighter or darker color than your hair color. But it all depends on you that what is your desire regarding hair color. If you are confused then apply streaks to one piece of your hair. If you get satisfied with it, then you can add more. If you want to experiment with almost two shades lighter, you should avoid hair dye. You can get the desired results by using bleach.

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2. Decide how many streaks you’d Prefer

At this stage, you have to decide how many streaks you would prefer to put in your hair. You can go with a few streaks for a subtle effect, or streaks to your whole hair will dramatically change your hair color. So its always important to plan before you execute the dyeing process. If you are unable to do your own streaks, then you should start with a few streaks.

3. Arrange your supplies for Bleach & Streaks

You have to arrange supplies according to your natural hair color. If you have light hair and are looking for hair streaks with a darker shade, you never need to bleach your hair first. But if you have dark or medium hair and you are planning for Light or unnatural color, then it is necessary to bleach your hair before streaking to ensure that the color comes out appearing bright and beautiful. Here are the major supplies which you need:

  • Bleach powder, it is available in packets or Jars. For a few quantities of hair streaks, you wouldn’t require too much.
  • Developer, that allows the bleach to work. If your hair color is blonde or light brown, add a 20 or 30 volume developer. Always avoid using volume higher than 40, as it can damage your hair.
  • Red Gold corrector needs to add in the bleach powder because it enhances its effectiveness and you’ll not require bleach twice. You only need to use it if your hair is a darker shade.
  • Purple shampoo, Which is specially made to reduce the yellow tone of bleached hair.
  • A tint brush, Bowl, Gloves and aluminum foil paper.

Method 2

How to Bleach you Hair

Hair streaks

1. Start with virgin hair

Bleach and dye make your hair further dry, so if you want to give a good start then just avoid using shampoo or hair sprays when you apply streaks to your hair. Keep protecting your natural hair oil from chemicals, you’ll be applying. Start the streaking process with completely dry hair. Clean your hair before you apply bleach as it’ll also be mentioned in the instructions of your pack.

2. Pull sections of hair for streaking

You have to separate the hairs, where you are going to apply bleach so that you can start the process. You can do it simply by using a highlighting cap, aluminum foil or using hair clips as well. Then place a cap on your head and pull out strands of hair by using a hook from tiny holes. If you want to get a few large streaks then aluminum foil and clips will be an effective technique to use. Now take a long strip of aluminum foil and place it under the section where you need to streak. Place it around roots so that it remains in place.

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3. Mix all the Products

Add bleach, developer and red gold corrector in a separate bowl. You can get the instructions from a pack of bleach powder and developer to know, how much to mix it together.
The amount which you use depends on the size of the bottle which you are applying and the brand of the product which is in your use. The finished mixture will get a bluish-white look.

4. Apply Bleach to your hair

Apply bleach by using a tint brush from the tips to the roots of your sectioned hair. Apply only the required quantity of bleach to saturate your hair. Keep applying until you covered all the sections.

Make sure to use gloves while applying bleach. As bleach contains strong chemicals that can stain your hands and burn your skin as well. Also, keep this bleach away from your eyes.

For a highlighting cap method, cover your head using a large plastic wrap, during the bleach sets it.

And if you are streaking with an aluminum foil, fold the foil paper over the section, to get protected it from drying out.

5. Keep checking after 15 minutes

To check the results, Wipe off a little amount of bleach with a towel. If your hair gets blonde, you have almost done. If it remains dark then apply more bleach to the area where you wiped off. Keep checking every 15 minutes until it is finished. Don’t let the bleach stay for more than 45 minutes even if you didn’t get the results. Bleach can damage your hair if you leave it for a longer time.
You should wait a day and then reapply the bleach to achieve the desired results.

6. Rinse off the Bleach

After the given time, rinse the bleach from the strands of treated hair. Keep the untreated hair separate so that it doesn’t get the bleach on it. Rinse it thoroughly to extract all the bleach particles.

7. Apply purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is ideally made to remove the yellow tone from your bleached hair. Wash your hair using purple shampoo and then as soon as bleach is rinsing from your hair. Let it stay to your hair for almost 5 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly and dry out it with a towel.

Method 3

Hair Streaks by Applying color

Hair streaks

1. Make your hair ready for dye

Rearrange the sections according to strands that have been bleached. The method of dyeing preparation depends on the product which you are using. Sometimes you mix the developer with hair dye in a container or you’ll directly insert the hair dye in a container.

If you have some hazard of getting dyeing stains on the rest of the hair, you can use a streaking cap and pull your hair from designated holes.

2. Apply the hair dye using a brush

Use the brush to apply the dye from root to tip, to cover whole strands of bleached hair. Don’t see the hair color when hair dye is applied to the strands. Repeat the process until you cover the whole bleached strands.
If you want to use the aluminum foil method to separate large pieces then replace this aluminum foil with a fresh piece of hair dyeing piece which you are using.

3. Let the color set

The waiting time after the dyeing application depends on the product, which you have applied. Generally, it takes almost 30 minutes to set the color. But you should check your hair after 10-15 minutes.

4. Wash out the dye

If you have done the procedure with aluminum foil then remove it from hair. You can start washing your hair. Rinse off your hair thoroughly so that hair dye is removed completely.

5. Apply conditioner to your hair

The streaking or dyeing process leaves your hair dried out, so ensure to use a conditioner when you rinse off the dye. You can use any type of color-safe conditioner but it is better to use a deep conditioner made for color-treated hair. Let this deep conditioner stay in your hair for 5-10 minutes. You can use a deep conditioner once a week to get smooth and soft hair.

6. Maintains your hair streaks

Your hair streaks become noticeable when your hair is dry. You can keep them bright by using shampoo, which is made to keep dyed hair fresh. If you want to retain your hair streaks for a long time, you’ll need to dye the roots repeatedly, as your hair grows. You can purchase the shampoo and conditioner which is specially designed for dyed hair.


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