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50 Celebrity Hairstyles With Curly Hair

50 Celebrity Hairstyles With Curly Hair

Believe me or not but it’s a fact that Curly hair looks stunning. Mostly ladies follow the celebrities when they think about hairstyling. But do you have any idea that how many celebrities have their naturally curly hair? If you haven’t natural curls, you don’t worry at all because you can create perfect curls with a Flat iron. It can give your hair a classy look that you admire. So in this article lets see the top 50 Hollywood actress with their gorgeous Curls hairstyle.

1. Zooey Deschanel








Deschanel is no doubt the natural beauty of the Hollywood industry. Her fans praise her due to her radiant blue eyes. But let me assure you that she has also beautiful hairs with natural wavy curls. She normally pushes her stresses with side-swept bangs to make them more vibrant.

2. Evan Rachel Wood

Many celebrities are there who don’t need any makeup, Even Rachel is also one of them. Her wavy curls become more threatened when she arrives in any event. Lip shade with dark color can make it more magical that can shock anybody!

3. Taylor Swift

Straighten hair are generally the signature hairstyle of Taylor. But the recent picture of Taylor with Curly bangs depicts that she is the role model for all her fans. Her hairstyle becomes trendy when she adopts it to surprise her fans. She is a Gorgeous and Versatile lady.

4. Shakira

Shakira has naturally gifted by the Curly hair. But when she turns her tresses to Layered side waves. It makes a strong statement! Her streak hair locks remind us of the memories of Super hit song Waka Waka. Her lively curly hair transfers much energy into her concert.

5. Scarlett Johansson

Johansson is not only a beautiful American actress but a wonderful singer as well. She was the highest-paid actress all over the world till 2018. She is the icon so she is much famous due to her layered tresses. When adding some blonde shade to it, can’t let you breathe at that moment.

6. Selena Gomez

Being a professional singer and producer Selena is Superstar. She get much appreciation at a quite early age. You can see her in multiple hairstylings like Layered bangs, and side waves. Her curly stresses looks quite vibrant that can make you silent!

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker is only actress who has won Golden globe awarded for four times. She is stylish and glamorous American lady who is quite famous due to her natural curly hair. Her golden hair doesn’t need any blonde shade to get it more famous. Gorgeous and Untamed!

8. Salma Hayek

Salma’s bold look and charismatic personality admires everyone. She doesn’t compromise on her Black tresses with natural curls. Even a casual appearance with Silver necklace is enough to get her a fantasy look that can please her fans a lot.

9.  Sarah Hyland


Sarah’s Concerts are full of energy and enthusiasm. She get a height of fame after getting guild award. She has naturally layered tresses which looks stunning when she add some curls in it. It makes her more graceful when performing zeal and zest!

10. Rihanna

Natural curls are the trade mark of Rihanna. Curly Bun with Blue eyes builds a statement if it appears with a beautiful Necklace. Rihanna is quite a versatile Singer who rapidly changes her looks to get her fans inspired. She isn’t a magical singer but a charming lady as well.

11. Reese Witherspoon

Reese is another beautiful model and Actress who was the highest  paid actress all over the world till 2019. Her magical expressions and wavy hair makes her just incredible towards her fans.

12. Rachel McAdams

Her smile only depicts that a Canadian beauty can rock the Hollywood industry. She is quite a versatile lady who looks quite different every time. A Recent picture of Rachel with her short curls is a quite pleasant gesture for her breathtaking audience.

13. Olivia Wilde

Who can underestimate you if you are charismatic like Olivia. She is quite famous into her fans with Remy Thirteen. She looks gorgeous in many hair updos. A young look with curly hair looks magnificent which can’t compare with anything else.

14. Olga Kurylenko

France is not only famous for deodorants but Olga Kurylenko is also beautiful reason to justify it. Here is quite a young picture of Olga with typical curly bangs. Can’t you mess out with such a versatile model with a layered tresses.

15. Nicole Kidman

Five time Golden globe award winner is none other than that of Nicole Kidman. No one can deny that As much as she is a wonderful actress, she is also  graceful women on earth. She normally has straighten wavy hair but her young age photo in curly hair shows that she looks stunning in every look.

16. Natalie Portman

Natalie’s curly tresses makes her iconic American model and Actress. When you have bold features and layered side waves, you never need much to express yourself.

17. Minka Kelly

Who is unaware of charlie’s Angels and beautiful Minka Kelly. She always inspire her fans with her fantastic acting skills. But her appearance admires her fans also. She comes always in different look and  her layered tresses makes her more gorgeous than any other.

18. Mila Kunis

When a Russian Glamour girl  joins Hollywood she rocks the world. Mila kunis isn’t only a great actress but she is the royal beauty with her radiant wavy tresses. No need to any hairstyling if you have a charismatic features like Kunis.

19. Megan Fox

Megan is quite concerned with her Black layered Bangs. Even she has quite vast exposure regarding acting but you occasionally see her with a weird hairstyling. She normally appears with big bangs or side swept waves and sometimes she hired a few curls. But you never know what would be Next!

20.  Charlize Theron

A beautiful Picture memorize the Golden days of a wonderful South African Actress Charlize Theron. Her cute smile and a curly Bob cut reveals that she is an extremely gorgeous lady with tremendous acting skills as well. She proved herself in the leading elites of Hollywood models.

21. Marilyn Monroe

When we heard about Blonde Bombshell one name strikes to our mind which is none other than Marilyn Monroe. She was the role for all the young American Actresses. She remained associate with bob cut in different looks. Short bob with curls or bangs were the most charming one’s of that beautiful lady.

22. Malin Akerman

Malin’ Fans not only admire the voice of her beloved vocalist. But they are much fascinated from her blue eyes with her trending golden tresses. She enjoys her lively short curls in her each concert. when a rocking celebrity performs, it gives a strong feeling to her audience.

23.  Maggie Grace

Another beautiful Actress and wonderful model who is known for her dynamic expression is Maggie grace. Her flying bob curls tells us entirely a different story. She oftenly wear such type of funky hairstyles.

24. Kristen Bell

A slight puff with curly short bob can be more than sufficient to make Kristen viral into her fans. But on a straight note it is rightly said that she is one of those models who got fame due to her magical expressions.

25. Kelly Carlson

A Blonde Bob curls gets this beautiful lady still younger than any other model / Actresses. Kelly is one of the most attractive Heroine and model. Her grace never fade away at any moment throughtout her career. Goregeous and Incredibel!

26. Keira Knightley

Another gorgeous British model who rule the Hollywood cinema is Keira Knightley. Two time British Award winner Knightley not only prove herself a brilliant model but she is equally a good versatile lady. She always stunned her fans with a unique hairdo. Short curls with side bangs makes a statement enough to keep you silent!

27. Kate Upton

Let me guess who is this glamours lady? You are right this is a bold and gorgeous Katherine Upton. Kate got fame from her viral swimsuit pic and then she never look back. She is quite famous due to her sexy figure and wavy hair locks. When she gets into a blonde curly look, it makes her more funky than she has!

28. Kate Beckinsale

Now let me figure out that how much she was graceful a few years back. Beckinsale is still the young and energetic. She normally carries wavy bangs but her frame photo depicts if you’ll get me in curls, i’ll be always there for you darling!

29. Kate Hudson

It was 40 years back when California received a princess who become superb model and a wonderful actress. She is full of expressions, layered tresses with bold features can summaries the whole scenario.

30. Julia Roberts

Whenever we discuss about romantic comedy there is only one name who lead this Hollywood industry, Julia Roberts. She get much success through her awesome acting then moved to production. She was quite simple and always stick with straighten hair or layer side bangs. A current photo with curly hair can’t allow her beauty to fade at all.

31. Jessica Biel

Jessica’s bold look having short curls makes a strong statement. A wonderful Actor who proved herself a successful producer as well. Sophisticated and Elegant!

32. Jennifer Lopez

What can i say about Jennifer, her noisy concerts blocks the roads and involves everybody. Jennifer is the inspiration of millions of youth generation. So its her responsibility to get a different appearance every time to amuse her fan. Her curly strands become trending style next morning.

33. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is quite popular for her beautiful smile. She started her career when she was 19 and afterwards she never look back. Her lovely hairstyle remains always in discussion. Although she has naturally straighten hair locks but gets much appreciation when turned to slight curls.

34. Jeniffer Aniston

Nancy Dow never thought that she’ll be blessed with a daughter like Jeniffer Aniston. A girl who started her career from horror movie and then she ruled the world. Her stylish looks are always for her fans who admire her a lot. Side swept waves can flow down with the smile of Jennifer.

35. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is an English model and Actress who started her career after getting certificate of acting from London school of Drama. She is such a beautiful actor and a model. Her charming features gets her so close to her fans. She got many hairstyles throughout her career but the current crimped locks never less than any other.

36. Eva Mendes

Eva is another superstar and business woman as well. Although she started her career in the late 90’s but she get fame and success in a short span of time. Looking bold with beautiful smile in a layered cut.

37. Gemma Atkinson

A model like Atkinson always remains on front page either she appears in casual wear. The recent image also reveals it that she can make you awful with smooth short curls with a silent makeup.

38. Isabel Lucas

Very few people know Isabel as her real name because her identity become “Alice” of blockbuster movie Transformers. She has made her more engaged into her fans due to her beautiful eyes and blonde hair locks who never need styling at all.

39. Elizabeth Banks

There are few ladies who are the perfect examples of Beauty with brain, Elizabeth Banks is one of them. She is a wonderful Actress, Model, Writer, Director and Producer. She is 46 but looks half of her age due to her charming looks and vivid features. She has experimented many hairstyles in her career but a Chin length bob gets her quite young.

40. Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is a great actress and Singer of Hollywood industry. i just love the way she smiles. She has the iconic face with naturally Gold tresses which flows to her shoulders randomly.

41. Laura Vandervoort

“Laura” a Toronto woman who is a nice and decent lady. She proved herself with her brilliant acting skills. A stunning appearance with bold costume and sheer blonde hair locks got much appreciation.

42. Brooklyn Decker

Let’s figure out this fancy look of Brooklyn Decker who is not only a popular model and Actress but she is a gorgeous lady too! She bowers to her fans you can create bun with short curls as well.

43. Elisha Cuthbert

When it comes to Canadian actresses how we can ignore Elisha Cuthbert. She step in the filed of Acting after proper training and then she astonished with everyone. Her glowing features and a trendy Gold shaded hairstyle supported so much. She is much praised due to her unique tresses.

44. Blake Lively

Who don’t know charming Serena van der Woodsen. Like her name she is really a lively and charismatic personality. Its her specialty that she looks natural whatever look she acquired. She has naturally Layered locks but in the current picture it might feel that she’s having natural curly hair.

45. Amber Heard

Golden girl from Texas gets a height of fame within few years. Amber is a wonderful model and talented Actress as well.  She is quite famous due to her blonded tresses which dances across her shoulders to get her vibrant enough!

46. Amy Adams

Adams got much popularity due to her comedic and dramatic performance. She got announced for highest paid actress for three years consecutively. Her hairstyle was the inspiration for her fans. The current picture with Curly hair locks and bold looks doesn’t need any explanation.

47. Beyonce

Beyonce is the name of style, glamour and a talent. Beyonce is one of the most singer and song writer. She is known for her famous braided locks. But her recent photograph with streaky curls is the state of art for her fans.

48. Arielle Kebbel

A girl with charming looks and vibrant eyes is a famous model and Actress Arielle Kebbel. She has done many achievements in a very early age. Her tresses with a wavy locks have been praised whenever she gets into it.

49. Angeline Julie

There is one actress who looks charming even she gets into makeup or not. Angelina is the role model for all her fans and new models. Here’s quite young photo frame with short layered bangs. Her innocence can’t let her fans turns to anywhere.

50. Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is a very famous  celebrity and mostly known for comedy scenes. She is an entertaining lady with a gorgeous rollover curls. Her casual appearance is also a great entertainment for her fans. She is a talented lady and treat to watch!

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