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Contour guidelines
Face Makeup Makeup

What Are The Steps To Contour And Highlight With Makeup

Step by step Guide on how to Contour & Highlight What is Contouring? Contour is basically applied to define or reshape your facial features. The areas of your face which are shaded less prominent. This can help make your cheekbones more pronounced, makes your nose more narrow. It may also help to reduce the appearance …

Arabic Mehndi Design
Arabic Mehndi Design Mehndi Designs

Latest Arabic Mehndi Design For Weddings & Eid Occasion

Mehndi Design For Weddings & Eid Whether it’s a wedding or an eid occasion in Pakistan, one thing which women can’t be ignored is Mehndi design. There are millions of Mehandi designs that women draw on their hands but some Arabic Mehandi designs are much popular these days. Some women are so creative which prefer …

apply lipstick on dark lips.
Lip Makeup Makeup

Tips and Tricks To Apply Lipstick On Dark Lips

Tips to Apply Lipstick On Dark Lips Without Lipstick in makeup, you can’t rock the show. Lipstick defines your makeup on weddings or party occasion. A good lipstick shade can diversify your looks. But it is always a tricky one to apply shades on dark or small lips. If you have dark or discolored lips, …

Lipstick on small lips
Lip Makeup Makeup

How To Apply Lipstick On Small Lips Like A Pro

How To Apply Lipstick On Small Lips Lipstick is the most important element in makeup and a little lipstick is enough to brighten your face and polish your lips. But avoid applying to your teeth, as it looks embarrassing. Although it’s not a big deal to apply lipstick by using multiple shades. But sometimes it …

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