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05 Artistic Nail Paint Designs To Nail This Winter

05 Artistic Nail Paint Designs

Manicure and pedicure are not the only way to amuse you but you must ensure that you also have healthy and beautiful hands, that can also do something to add on. Nowadays nail art designs are very common so you can rock the world using some creative nail paint ideas. There is a lot of variety of colors available and it’s just a beginning. Winter has some limitations but you can nail it by creating multiple designs like stripes, dots, half-moon patterns, asymmetrical patterns, ringlets, you just have to name it and you’ll be on your way. So be attentive because we’re also moving forward to add the latest artistic nail paint designs for making fun.

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What you will Need

  • Upper coat
  • Nail paint colors ( Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Light Pink, Yellow, Orange, White, Silver shimmers)
  • Motives
  • Beats
  • Liner brush
  • Bobby pin
  • Basecoat

What are the ideas

1. Twisted nail art

  • Firstly, apply the base coat then apply Green nail paint and apply Yellow nail paint in the middle of the nail.
  • Create a twist nail design with the tip of a bobby pin and then apply Silver shimmer nail paint with the help of eyeliner brush and dry it properly.
  • Apply top coat on once you completed it.
Nail paint designs

2. Reddish Nailed layer

  • In this nail art, you will once again need a base coat to start with.
  • Now launch a dark pink nail paint as a base and let it dry.
  • Take Red nail paint and sketch the reddish layers on the nail by using a bobby pin and dry it once more.
  • Lastly, apply the upper coat and stick the diamond beat in the middle of the check design.
Nail paint designs

3. Flowered nail paint designs

  • Take Yellow, Orange, White, and pink nail paint.
  • First, of all apply pink nail paint as a base coat and then leave it to dry.
  • Take a foil pepper and mix Yellow and orange nail paint drops and then draw the center of the flower with bobby pin tip.
  • Take a white nail paint and draw flower petals by using a bobby pin tip. Apply top coat and then dry it.
  • Similarly, make different flowers by using different nail paints.

4. Orange & White Nail Art

  • Take Orange and White nail paint.
  • Firstly, apply the base coat then apply Orange nail paint on half of the nail and apply white nail paint to the remaining part of the nail and then let it dry.
  • Finally, apply the upper coat.
  • Similarly, apply Orange and White nail paint in a different manner at other nails.
Nail paint designs

5. Blue Dimond nails

  • Apply blue nail paint as a base coat then apply top coat and stick the green pearl, multiple beats, and diamonds on the nail and dry it.
  • Similarly, you can apply all the things on the other nails in different ways.
Nail paint designs
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