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15 Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts For Trendy Looks

15 Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts

A bob hairstyle is a nice and well maintenance solution for your fine hair. You can add dimensions to your hair with simple and available styling techniques. If you have fine hair you must need to learn the tips and tricks that how you can make them thicker. Here are some finest bob hairstyles for you in this article. The beauty of these bob hairstyles is that you don’t need to put any extra effort to make these bob hairstyles at home.

1. One length bob with straight bangs


If you have quite straight hair and you are a bit crazy for bob hairstyles. You have to add some dimensions through highlights for short bob. The blonde and brown chick hairstyle adds volume and gives a messier look.

2. Blonded bob hair cut


There is a one way if you wanna make your short hair a bit fuller, you need to add highlights or lights for some dimension. It is initially two shades lighter than your natural hair and gets darker later on. The combination of these colors puts illusion to depth.

3. Blond Layered bob hairstyle

It’s not necessary to make your hair super short for a fine bob hairstyle. Just like blonded hair just above the shoulders are more than sufficient to glamourize you. And the golden streaks between them give you the desired result at the office and casual occasion as well.

4. Side-swept bangs with long length

Bob’s style looks stunning when you add up side-swept bangs in it. It defines volume to your hair when you done this style with long hairs. Its a pretty decent bob hair cut which working women can carry as well. The highlights add more dimensions to your bangs.

5. Golden streak chin-length bob

when you love having short bob style, this hairstyle above your chin with golden streaks will be a quite charismatic option. Its a quite casual hairstyle and you don’t need to put much effort to make this.  Streak layers add puts extra illusion in this hairstyle.

6. Short Length blunt cut bob

Just take a look at this tremendous short length hair cut. The messiness up and a little side part make this haircut more elegant and modern. The burgundy color makes this style more radiant that doesn’t give lesser than the celebrity look.

7. Medium length Layered Celebrity hairstyle

When it comes to celebrity hairstyles, No one can ignore the beautiful looks of Cameron Diaz. Particularly if she comes along the side-swept hairstyle with additional gold highlights. you can’t hold your breath for that blunt moment. A gorgeous hairstyle with blue eyes can make you a shock.

8. Side part messier bob style

There is nothing to do special with this gorgeous bob style. Side part smokey looks of this short hairstyle get more pronounced when you let allow it to play it around your neck. Its almost prepared hairstyle, you can settle it by using your fingers only and you’re on your way.

9. Shoulder length inverted bob

when going for a medium hair for getting a bob look, you can stretch up to shoulders by creating layers on the sides of shoulders. The blonde shade exerts funky looks in a messier way.

10. Graduated bob for fine hair

The professional haircut is just to create the perfect shape of your hair’s natural texture. When it comes to graduated bob, short hair with straighten ends is just the perfect one to add volume to your silent hair.

11. Grey blunt ends bob

If you have fine hairs you can create bob in any shape and color, like grey blond color. This shortened hairstyle with blunt ends makes it further prominent when you did it with blonde grey color. Just mind-blowing

12. Medium bob with messier looks

Sometimes it’s tricky to get bob style with medium hair, but hair is a nice casual look that you can maintain with medium hair. Some blonde colors with side layers can prompt this trendy style. You don’t have to do much more to attempt this.

13. Asymmetrical bob for short hair

All you need to do for asymmetrical bob is just to give your hair a messy textured look with a side part. A long layered puff at the front side is the definition of this flirty low maintenance style.

14.  Ash-blonde layered bob with Textured ends

Looking for a change but don’t want to indulge yourself in too much work? Nothing can be better than this low maintenance layered blonde bob! A little bit of layers around your shoulders defines the structure of a messy look. It’s awesome and trendy!

15. Side waves bob with Front puff

Last but not least a combination of side waves with short bob looks incredible if a woman is in blue eyes. Eye makeup matters a lot for their beauty but A front puff at the forehead gives it the extreme position to this short bob look. It’s a casual look, simple and too gorgeous!

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