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Symptoms of COVID-19

Coronavirus is a novel virus and its symptoms vary from person to person. As its newly discovered virus so in some cases you’ll never see any symptoms. In some countries where the pandemic is increasing quite rapidly like the USA, Italy, Spain, patients reported without any symptoms. That’s the reason we call it a silent killer. But the major symptoms with this novel coronavirus are,

  • Severe cough
  • High Fever
  • Shortness of Breath


As the pandemic is getting worsen day by day. So it can lead to an alarming situation. Although its a virus that is similar to a virus which causes cough and flue. But Coronavirus is recently discovered and there are no treatments and specific vaccines for this virus so it has created a lot of casualties throughout the world.

Although the fatality rate of this COVID-19 virus is less than 2% it has created huge panic in the whole world. Children and young patients have less ratio to get infected with this Virus. Older age patients and persons with previous medical complications may affect with this disease.

Coronavirus updates of Different Countries

United States of America

The United States is the most affected state of the country till today. Although there have been fewer casualties than Italy. But the new cases have been reported twice than Italy. New York City has been completely Quarantine which is leading in the newly reported cases. The United States has announced Lockdown in the whole country.


Italy is the 2nd most-affected country in the world. Although newly enrolled patients are quite less than the US. But the fatality rate is higher than in the USA. Italy is the less populated country which comprises almost 30-40% of elder age population. This is the major factor that affected this community a lot.


The pandemic is increasing much rapidly in Spain. Spain has an almost equal number of total patients with Italy, who got infected. But the upcoming patients ratio is much more than that of Italy. And in the current circumstances, Spain is leading in casualties. Spain has also a small amount of population which is more than 30% of elder age persons.


China was the origin of where this Coronavirus initiated. But china fought against this Coronavirus quite efficiently. China has recovered almost 95% of the infected cases who suffered from COVID-19. There is quite the least ratio of newly enrolled patients. China is also providing the guidelines and aid to other countries who are suffering from this pandemic disease.


Coronavirus has affected more than 200 countries in the world, Germany is also one of them. Germany has managed the epidemic quite well. So that’s why there are fewer causalities than the rest countries but a pandemic is increasing at a constant pace.


Pandemic is getting more vulnerable in France day by day. France has started to Quarantines its all cities because the fatality rate is increasing quite rapidly and the upcoming new patient number is also getting increased. France which was quite a stable economy is now suffering from the worst crises ever.


Coronavirus has destroyed the whole world but it targeted the European countries most. Iran is the only Muslim country, where COVID-19 has done the damage than they expected. There are many Holy places in Iran, so visitors from different countries visit Iran which promoted viruses to spread. Iran has affected its neighborhood Pakistan as well.

United Kingdom

COVID-19 has also affected the UK a lot. Although the pandemic started quite later in England it has done the damage. The casualties and new patients are getting higher every day. British Prime minister and Prince Charles are also included in the affected patients and they have Quarantined them at home.


Switzerland is the richest economy in the world. There is also a number of patients who are infected with COVID-19. There have been fewer deaths reported in the country, but newly diagnosed cases are increasing. Switzerland is also suffering from financial crises due to a complete lockdown.


Turkey is at the bottom of the list of these Coronavirus affected countries. Although Turkey has also manged Quarantines quite well and maintains social distancing. But the pandemic is increasing from the last few weeks. Death ratio is quite less than in other countries but new patients are reporting on a daily basis.

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