Bridal hairstyle
Bridal hairstyle HAIRSTYLES

How To Make Easy Bridal Hairstyle For Wedding Occasion

Bridal Hairstyle For Wedding Occasion

Brides involve everything into romantic elements from wedding decor to wedding gowns and even their beautiful locks. And if you consider yourself to be the part of these glamourous brides, you are the lucky one. In this post, we’ have come up with an Easy Bridal hairstyle for newlyweds bride.

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When the special day comes, the possibilities are quite endless. We have come across buns, braids, ponytail, and twists, there are enough options for different wedding hairstyles to adopt. You can be overwhelmed by the existing options. If you are still confused, which way to go then keep the other aspects of the wedding in your mind. Imagine what can be perfect considering the atmosphere of your celebration, your costume, and overall comfort level.

Although there are not any hard and fast rules when we discuss Bridal hairstyle, you must have to notify the few major things in mind while styling your tresses. For an absolute wedding bridal hairstyle should make things quite simple and relaxed( consider loose curls, texturized and funky updos) feel free to decor your updos with delicate or ethereal blooms.

What You Will Need

  • Tail Comb
  • Elastic band
  • Section pins
  • Bobby U pins
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair flower
  • Hair spray
  • Hair stuff
  • Donut
  • Backcombing stuff

What to Do

  1. The first step is to remove tangles from hair using a paddle brush.
  2. Divide hair into two sections ( Front right section & Front left section) and then tighten them by using section pins.
  3. Create a high ponytail on the third back section of hair and then tie with an elastic band. Now take a donut and place it under the ponytail and then keep it tight with bobby pins.
  4. Then take a thin layer of the ponytail hair and spread it on the donut by backcombing, Similarly, spread all hair of the ponytail on the donut and tie with an elastic band and use bobby pins to fix it further.
  5. Separate the front section from the box area ( Center of head) and then adjust both sides of hair by using section pins.
  6. Now take a thin layer of the middle section, and start backcombing. Take backcombing stuff, and set them on the backcombing layer and then lock it with bobby pins.
  7. Similarly take all hair from the middle section and set on the backcombing stuff and then lock it using bobby pins.
  8. Now take the right side of hair through backcombing and set or lock with bobby pins. Similarly, repeat this step on the left section of the hair.
  9. Lastly, set the Jewelry and dupatta to finish this bridal hairstyle.

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Bridal hairstyle
Bridal hairstyle

Quick Recap

  1. Remove tangles from hair.
  2. Divide hair into two equal sections.
  3. Create a third section in the shape of a ponytail.
  4. Spread out ponytail on donut by doing backcombing.
  5. Separate the front section from the box area ( center of the head ).
  6. Set the hairs of the third section by doing backcombing.
  7. Set the right section of hair with the help of backcombing.
  8. Repeat this process from the left section of hair.
  9. Lastly, Finish this Bridal hairstyle by adding some jewelry.


  • Make sure to clean your hair by using shampoo and conditioner before you go for styling. It not only makes your hair clean but also leaves them smooth for styling.
  • Tangled hair can cause hair breakage, so make it preference to remove tangles first.
  • Don’t skip the use of bobby pins throughout the Bridal hairstyle, as it keeps the style nice & tight. If you get the bobby pins according to your hair color then nothing can be better than that.



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