Homemade Banana Hair Mask
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Homemade Banana Hair Mask For Damaged And Frizzy Hair

Homemade Banana Hair Mask

Banana is a delicious and healthy food to eat. Most of us know that Banana has amazing health benefits because it contains potassium and sodium which helps resolves stomach related disorders. But few people know that Banana has wonderful results in hair care. We spend a lot of money on Keratin treatments and frizzy hair treatments. But in fact, Banana is a blessed fruit that can solve all these problems. Homemade Banana hair mask not only provides shine in your rough hair but also a great conditioner for your hair.

Video Of Homemade Banana Hair Mask

I also share my personal experience with you that I was also so much confused and get irritated by using multiple conditioning brands and serums for hair. It not only cost me a lot but on the other hand, it was helpless. Then I decided to turn back to natural remedies and I started Banana hair mask. It brings magical results and now I am relieved from dandruff and this Homemade Banana hair mask also straight my wavy hair. So guys today I am going to share some secrets about this Banana hair mask and furthermore I’ll also highlight some benefits of it.

How to Make Banana Hair Mask

What You Need

  • 2-3 Ripe Banana 
  • Aloe vera oil as needed


  1. Mash the ripe banana in a small cup. 
  2. You can mash with Manual beater or also you can mash in Juicer.
  3. After that add Aloe vera oil in it and mix it well so that it becomes a thick paste.
  4. Apply this Banana hair mask twice a week before the shower.

Benefits of Banana Mask

Promotes Hair Growth

Banana contains Vitamin A and Vitamin B so these are naturally known as growth vitamins that repair and help in hair growth. So Homemade Banana Hair mask is an ideal remedy to get the natural growth of your hair. It contains also several vitamins like Vitamin C and zinc which have dramatic results on hair proven by the studies.

Reduce Hair fall and Remove Dandruff

Zinc is a dynamic vitamin to combat against hair fall. In mostly female zinc deficiency can cause hair fall. Banana contains zinc which prevents not only hair fall but also helps in hair growth. Aloe vera in banana mask moisturize dry scalp helps in removing dandruff. so Banana hair mask ultimately reduces hair fall and remove dandruff as well. 

Nourish Frizzy Hair

Lack of protein is also one of the factors that can damage hair. People who are careless about the protein diet should use the banana mask for hair nourishment. Banana naturally contains proteins that nourish frizzy hair and give it entirely a pretty look.

Shines hair naturally

Multiple factors like hot & humid climate, dust affects hair. Natural Banana mask moisturizes the scalp roots and gives extra shines to your hair. Twice a week massage of this mask can resolve all certain hair complications. 

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