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Easy Steps To Highlights Hair At Home

Easy Steps To Highlights Hair At Home

Highlights give a vibrant look to your wavy and dull hair. They also make your features more prominent and you look more youthful and radiant. it can cost you a lot If you go to a salon, but it can be much easier and affordable at home. In this post, we’ll let you know, how you can perfectly highlights hair at home.

Highlights hair

Part 1

Doing things right

1. Select the right color

When you think about highlights hair, you need to use bleach or color which is lighter than your hair. It is always recommended to choose a color that is 1-2 shade lighter than your base color. If you’ll go for too light, it gives unnatural look.

If you have dark hair, then match your hair shade with the shade on the box, by doing so your hair gets color. If you have dyed your hair a few months back, then without bleach you wouldn’t be able to lighten your hair. If you have ever colored your hair with henna, it can’t lighten at all.

2. Get your skin and clothes protected

You can wrap a towel around shoulders, or a plastic garbage bags over your head, to get protected from color stains. Always use gloves during bleach application, it’ll be along with your Dyeing kit. To protect your hairline, you can use Vaseline. Keep the dye away from your hair and neck, it can be harmful. And last but not least, avoid applying bleach in roots.

3. Awareness for tools options

Highlighting kits contains an applicator tool that can be complex if you are new to this dyeing arena. You can do it with your normal conditioner for practice. Sometimes the applicator is a bit splotchy or too big so don’t you get flat, just buy a baby toothbrush, and get the work done. In some cases, the brush can be tricky, as It doesn’t get you desired streaks.

4. Read the instructions

The most important thing is to follow the instructions which are mentioned in the dyeing kit. These are well-known brands or companies, so their directions are much reliable to implement. So read the instructions carefully again and again.

One more thing which you must avoid is to use a cap. It can irritate you if you have long hair. If you don’t want to get dyeing stains over your clothes, you can use cotton balls/ wipes or paper towels under your sections when you completed the task.

5. Get a strand test

Before dyeing your whole hair, just test to dye out a single strand of your hair to assess the finished results. Select a strand which is the underside of hair, and process for the complete recommended time in order to assess results.

Part 2

Dyeing out the hair

1. Prepare color for process

To prepare the color for dye, you must follow the instructions mentioned on the dyeing kit that how to mix up colors. Don’t get shocked if you get a white, blue or purple shade, that’s totally normal.

If you have never dyed your hair before, then you should choose dye instead of bleach. It’ll least damage your hair and further lift up shade color three times more. Avoid bleach if you are looking for a natural look.

If you are doing the bleaching process, then use a small bowl so that you can easily dip the brush into it.

2. Make four sections of your hair

Make four sections of your hair and if you can extend it to 12, that would also be pretty fine. Use clips or hair ties, to get your hair in place. Keep your sections separated from one another.
If you have extra time then just ensure to perform a strand test to evaluate the shade and how much time you leave your hair to bleach in. It not only saves you from hair disaster but gets you relief from confusion.

3. Apply the highlights

Leave a couple of inches from roots, and start bleaching your hair from this point to end, in very thin strips. The thinner highlighting gets you the natural look. On the other hand, thick highlights get the zebra stripe effect. When the brush is almost dry and contains very few colors, you can feather it towards roots. It’ll give you a natural effect or prevents spots as well.
Avoid starting coloring from roots, as it can be risky for your skin and harm the scalp as well.

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4. Time duration for Bleach or Dye

If you are doing a dye treatment then let the color stay to your hair as per instructions given in the pack. Leaving it more will not enhance the shade. And if you are using bleach, then keep focused that color of highlights doesn’t get too light.
In a bleaching process, Rinse your hair at the moment when you noticed that it has lifted the highlights shade as per your desired lightness because leaving it long on your hair can cause severe damage to your hair.
Remember that Highlights continuously getting lighter with sun exposure and continued washing.

5. Toner Application

Some highlighting kits additionally contain toner which is a good one for your hair. It blends highlight to the rest of your hair and gives them a shinier and natural tone. If your kit doesn’t have this, you can purchase it from the store. But throughout the process, you just need to follow the directions which will be quite helpful and practical.

6. Wash your hair thoroughly

Wash your hair twice by using shampoo and then condition your hair with a specific conditioner, which is also a part of your whole dyeing kit. Rinse it thoroughly to extract the whole color.
Bleach can make your hair dry out( If you are dyeing for a lighter shade, then its a bleach), so let your conditioner stay for almost 3 minutes before you rinse it out, it keeps hair hydrated.

7. Let it Dry / Blow-dry

Once you finished, check the final result in front of a mirror in natural light. Don’t get upset if it’s little off, just give it a couple of days or after 2-3 wash, it gets up to your desire. But if you are still not satisfied then you should go for a professional to achieve the desired results.

Highlights hair

Part 3

Highlights hair by Natural Method

Highlights hair with Lemons

Lemon has the natural bleaching properties that may add highlights to your hair without harming the effect of bleach.

How to use

  • Squeeze the number of lemon juice in a bowl, according to your hair length.
  • Apply lemon juice to your strands by using a brush, your fingers or by directly dipping your strands into a bowl.
  • Then sit down in the sun for at least 20 to 30 minutes to get the bleaching effect.
  • This method is ideal for light hairs, it may worsen dark hairs.

Highlights hair using kool-aid

If you want to create some Streaks in your hair with kitchen pantry. You can use kool-aid for this purpose, it can help you achieved purple, red, green and pink highlights.

How to use

  • Boil water in the pot and add 4-5 packets of kool-aid in it and mix it well until powder gets dissolved.
  • Once it gets cool down, Apply to your hair by using fingers, brush or by dipping your hair in the pot.
  • Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off.

Highlights hair by chamomile tea

If you want to add some lighter tones for dimensions, rinse your hair in the chamomile tea until you achieve the desired results.

  • Let it boil in a small pot, and dip your hair for the desired effect.
  • Rinse your hair using normal conditioner and then get relax under the sun.
  • It wouldn’t entirely change your color but add some dimensions to your hair.

Highlights hair with chalk

If you wanna add some temporary fun color to your hair, you can dye your hair with chalk. It’s much easier with light hairs but you can also make fun with dark hair. If you have too light hair, the tint may diminish in a wash or two. It doesn’t appear immediately. it may come within 2-3 washes.


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