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40 Layered Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

40 Layered Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Women’s get bit confused regarding hairstyle, As there is always space for either long hair or short hair. But when you have medium length hair what to do with it. So don’t need to worry because today we’ll share some Awesome layered cut which you can carry with medium Length hair. Layers can suit your face perfectly, it doesn’t matter what your face shape is? Here are the Latest 40 Layered hairstyle that can give you a new look at every time.

1. Highlighted Layers

when you are looking for Layered hairstyle? what could be better than a Highlighted Layered. It can give an entire new look at every time. Just like flowing waves around the shoulders of your own.

2. Side Layer Bangs

When you have wavy tresses and you have to rush out, Its been a moment to move with a flat side layer bangs. If you let some fringes to kiss your forehead, it’ll make it more funkier than you ever think.

3. Beauty with Blunt Layered

It’s considered as Gomez’s layered cut rather than a Layered hairstyle. But to be honest such blunt layered can give your medium length an extremely awesome look. Its quite a casual style that can welcome you in any occasion.

4. Fine Layers

This Layered bob cut is just nice and smooth. There are many bob cut that you can manage with medium length hair but believe you me, if you want to get a perfect haircut that suits to any face shape. You need to consider this, nice and charming.

5. Wavy Layers

If you have natural wavy Layers, you don’t need to consider anything novel. It would be a ready made Layered hairstyle for every time. You can also create this look by just a slight work with flat iron and some further dimensions can also add according to your preference and face shape.

6. Curly Layers

You can make your layers more messier and versatile. If there are some curls in it. Natural curls can induce some volume to your tresses. But if you haven’t you can get help to crimp them out. A bit low light ends can give them a nice texture that can suit to your face shape.

7. Shag Layered Haircut

Taylor swift is always an inspiration for latest style and for her tresses. This shag layered hairstyle is one of the sleek look that can look more nasty than ever. You have to make its ending more sharp than the normal. The fringes at front can allow you to rock!

8. Layers in Curls

If you are looking to merge your layered curls in bob hair cut. You have to roll your tresses a a bit more. The current picture is a great example of Golden tresses in a layered curls.

9. Bangs with Layered Ends

Sometime you need casual hairstyle without any fancy texture, you can check this layered look which is quite perfect for such moments. You just need to add layered at the edges and let the rest remain over there. Its perfect hair look for medium length but you can also get it with short hair.

10. Classic Layers

When you add such layered look to your tresses you’ll eagerly convince saying this, “Age is just a Number”. It is a just a simple bob cut with layered locks. you can get this haircut with short hair as well. It can just appear you much younger than you have.

11. Streak Layers

Curly Layers have always an impact on your appearance. You can streak out these layers to get them more radiant. A girl with streaky curls can move with classy looks. It’s just wonderful to carry in any sort of occasion.

12. Textured Layers


Layers with textured ends can have a more sophisticated locks. This layered hairstyle is one of the most delicate one and it can suit to any face shape. you also can put some dimensions regarding streaks or highlights to make it further prominent.

13. Slight Layers

Priyanka is quite famous due to her pretty black tresses. As its quite obvious that her charismatic features doesn’t allow any hairstyle to get superiority. If you have natural layers like Priyanka, nobody can stop to get engaged in any occasion.

14. Layered Twisted ends

When you are trying to move with a raw Layered style. you just have to roll the edges of your layered tresses. This simple and nice layered style can be a perfect one for each face shape.

15. Messy Curls in Layers

A bob cut remains always in trending but when you mix up it with a bit curly layers, it gets much appreciation than you expected. In first look, it appears as a casual style but to be honest, it’s incredible one. you never need any arrangement for such hairstyles.

16. Side Layers with Crushed Ends

For this tremendous look you just need to part your hair from any one side and the let your rest tresses kisses your shoulders. It’ll get a more pronounced look if you are gonna add some thinner ends. It’s very adorable and treat to watch if you’ll do it.

17. Ponytail Layers

You always let your tresses in a same traditional look, its never possible. you can also go with some latest innovative ideas. Current picture is a great demo of this where a ponytail with your layered tresses create a subtle look. It’s just outstanding and superb.

18. Fine Bob Layers

Bob layers with slight fringes is just an adorable style for the ladies above 40. i don’t have to explain it that it’s a perfect sophisticated look for aged ladies. But it might say that it gets them 10 years young than their original age. What else you required!

19. Short Layered Bob

It doesn’t mean that its a short bob so you can’t have it with medium hairs. You need a layered cut for this one and you have to twist the ends in a messier way. If you lip-up red then how can you get yourself away from a height of fame!

20. Ash Blonde Layers

Layers looks extremely stunning if you come up with blonde. But believe you me it can curse, if you apply Ash Blond shade. It’ll entirely transform  your looks doesn’t matter what your age is and how is your face shape? For those who have long hair can also go with it.

21. Side Swept Layers

If you let your layers lie down around your shoulders silently, it defines your features a little bit more. Blonde shade can rock any layered look. Similarly this hairstyle can make you role model for all the wavy layered lovers.

22. Layers with Front Fringes

You have naturally blonde tresses, a slilght fringe with side waves is enough to make a firm statement. But if you haven’t can get blonde shade depending on the texture and face shape. Its quite adorable for the young girls.

23. Tangled Layers

Sometimes you can create a funky look to get rock and roll. Generally its a not a proper hairstyle but it can make your casual appearance more vibrant. The more important, you can set it just using your fingers so you don’t have to put any efforts to get this look.

24. Flat Layers

For a women who are always after that sober and decent look, it’s primarily for you. Mostly working women always need to prefer this straighten bob to make them more violent. Its a trending look that prominent your features but make others silent at that moment!

25. Wavy Feathered Layers

Place your hair in a straightener and let it perform down to your hair. This perfect layered look can be obtained once you highlight the ends and let them fly here and there. Such hair look is perfect for the one’s who are looking to get something new!

26. Frizzy Layers

If you get the frizzy layered like these, i think everybody wish to get such layers. You just have to operate with flat iron at the lower ends. The whole process’ll go on. It can also add volume to your thin hair.

27. Curly Layers with Fringes

Curl your layers to get this tremendous look. A Front fringe is the integral part of this curly layered look which makes it quite comprehensive. You can step it with short hair as well.

28. Layered Low lights

Low lights also makes your ordinary look to more aggressive. Just nasty gold low light at your big puff can be enough to justify this stylish look. The rest hair are dead straight just like strangers watching the show.

29. Soft Layers

When you go for a simple and soft layers they are self explanatory. A Blonde shade can add more dimensions to it. A sleek and bold look for a women who are typical as far as styling is concerned.

30. Short Layers

Sometime short layers can make your looks more warmth and enhanced your feature as well. you have to keep your layered ends more blunt than the normal. It’ll give them a more defined shape according to your face shape.

31. Flowing Layers

Its a quite funky look that just gives an impression that your tresses are flowing like noisy waves. Its quite a messy look which is nice and adorable. A Blushed cheeks of a model with lip up is just a textured look in a frizzy layered look.

32. Layers with Zigzag ends

A light brown highlights introduces an extremely wonderful look to your textured hair. You just need to add curls in a a zigzag shape. This textured look can make your personality more attractive and adorable.

33. Slight Layers

Not always you can go with a versatile layered look. This is one of the best example of little layers that can also win much praise in a renown community. Let your side waves a little curl and you’ll be on your way.

34. Twisted Layers

If you wanna get a signature Layer look, you must need to consider this. A well known short layered look just need a few curls and rest is highlighted shades. You can apply according to your face shape and choice. It may get a trending one.

35. Centered Layers

A self explanatory straight layers can get to divide hair in two sections. Straighten hair creates an impact on both sides by introducing volume to hair.

36. Dead Straight Layers

As a matter of fact, Straighten hair is quite a craze in the recent days. Pick a flat iron and let your hair deep down till nape. You just have to trim the ends to define the bob shape. It’s generally for medium hair but you can also go for short hair. This Layered hairstyle is just incredible!

37. Beach Side Layers

Side layers are always appreciated but further dimensions required your face features. These beach layers just need your little concentration to get your layered ends more flowy than ever.

38. Wavy Blonded Layers

Only a simple Wavy layers are enough to make you inspired. But if you add blonde shade in it, i must say you can blast the opposition party. Its just amazing and stunning when it comes to layered hairstyle look.

39. Layers with Classy edges

In a Recent years, Layers can make more dominant by just giving them sharp edges. But beauty with style is that it contains a thorough curl look and then blunt sharp end wraps it in a freaky way. Just Amazing and awful!

40. Layers Flowing Away

Last but not least, Another flowing wavy look is here to wait for your appearance. A streaking puff looks more stunning in this trending hairstyle with a decent party makeup. It was all about layers and multiple trending layered hairstyle having medium length hair.

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