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25 Adorable Valentine’s Hairstyle For Girls

25 Adorable Valentine’s Hairstyle For Girls

If you are also planning for some easiest valentine’s special hairstyle this year, then get ready because we have come up with some trendy Valentine’s hair updos for you in this post. Don’t need to hesitate if you haven’t tried this before. We’ll guide you how you can make these valentine’s hairstyle for your beloved ones on that big day!

1. Loose & fancy side braid

Let’s have a look at a side braided hairstyle which can simply please you and your partner. Once you created braid, place it at your shoulder and let some strands loosely turn around your face.

2. Braided low side bun hairstyle


valentine’s hairstyle

It looks always charming when you leave a side bun at the nape of your neck. But you can’t underestimate the trick of those two braids that come across into it to make it further classy.

3. Casual side-swept waves

When you have done your makeup and you are a bit confused styling your hair, side-swept waves are always the ultimate solution. You just need to create a deep part and then let its locks flowing down to the other shoulder.

4. Simple ponytail wrapped with hair

A simple straight ponytail is a trendy fashion that you can carry on any special day with confidence. And don’t skip the important part to wrap it with your own hair.

5. Loose side waves with a central parting

This is also one of the most simple and inspiring hairstyle which you can experience with medium and long hair. Divide your hair from the center into two parts and leave them loose at both sides. Use clips to keep your hair away from the face.

6. Side ponytail with loose curls

Let me state away that its still an easy and adorable hairstyle among rest ponytails. All you need to do is to just create a ponytail and add some loose curls to let it stay to your shoulder. I must say, it’s all-time favorite Valentine’s day hairstyle.

7. Tripple braided sleek bun hairstyle

This triple-braided bun can perfectly raise your feminine looks. Create three tight braids at the center and sides of the head and then finishing them by creating a bun.

8. Twisted French braid along with a puff

First of all, puff your hair at the top and then create a braid with the rest of your hair. Continue braiding to finish it at the nape of your neck and tighten it by using bobby pins. It simply turns you graceful.

9. Turned back hair with a simple crown

If you want to make a hairstyle that defines your face more prominent, it’s for you. Compile your crown and turned your rest hair at your back, apply some serum or mousse to stick there.

10. Textured side tail braid

Looking for fun in this valentine’s day? Here’s loose side tail braid for yours. You can end it in a messy style and to put some texture in it, you need to apply hairspray quite generously.

11. Puffed fishtail braid

When you need to admire your valentine with a classy valentine’s hairstyle, there’s one hairstyle we can’t ignore and that’s a fishtail braid. You can also add some innovations in it by giving puff at the top.

12. Loose high braid in a messy style

A high braid looks stunning if you projected it in the right way. You can also add a messy touch in it by getting it a bit loose, to look more prominent.

13. Straighten braids wrapping with hair

valentine’s hairstyle

If you are looking for a backless smooth hairstyle on that particular day, you should choose this one to make you more glamorous. Wrapping it twice with hair makes it further prominent.

14. Ponytail with twisted lowlights

Create a ponytail from the lower section of your hair and divide the upper hair into further two sections. Create a thin section by gathering all three sections. A tremendous hairstyle with lowlights.

15. Upside down French braid bun

This hairstyle is a great combination of braid and a bun. All you have to do is to create a French braid and then turn its end towards donut bun just at the top of your crown.

16. Messy Loose curls and teased top

Wavy loose curls always give you princess looks. You just need to tease your hair at the top of your head and then add some romantic curls to make these loose curls more vibrant.

17. Slight curls along with Braided headband

valentine’s hairstyle

You can even make your valentine’s day most memorable with slight curls as well. The straight fringes and headband at the center make this hairstyle the most romantic and simple one.

18. Wavy side curls with front fringes

We create side curls in many hairstyles but when we add some fringes at the front, it makes this hairstyle quite different for your Mr perfect.

19. Braided Messy bun hairstyle

Not always messy bun is quite a decent one, sometimes you can make it quite casual by creating braids around it for a specific romantic occasion like valentine’s day.

20. High knot with a puff at the top

When we say that high knot is just a weird hairstyle but we can make fun with it if we do it in the right way. And brighten it with swept bangs and it nails!

21. Huge bun with dual section braid

A smooth bun always enhances the beauty of women. You just need to create a zigzag braid by forming a new level of the braid. Nice and splendid.

22. Twisted bun with hair wraps

You can also create a hassle-free hairstyle for your valentine’s day this year. You just need to create a twisted low bun and then wrap it with two sections of hair. It’s quite amazing!

23. Ponytail with half braid

valentine’s hairstyle

To create this unique ponytail, create a braid at the center of your back and when you reach the nape of your neck, use an elastic band to adjust it and let the rest hair-free just like a ponytail.

24. Long segmented ponytail

If you wanna give your ponytail a new look, you can create it into segmented shape. Just create a regular ponytail and then keep adding rubber band at each step with a small distance and go on. It’s quite appreciatable at long and straightens hair.

25. Side loose fishtail braid


When you create a high and loose fishtail braid at a time, what can be better than that for Valentine’s day? But don’t keep it tight so that it puts volume to your hair.

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