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Bridal Crown Hairstyle Tutorials – How To Make Crown Braid

Bridal Crown Hairstyle

What’s the one accessory that gives dominance to a Queen? A crown definitely! But every woman is unable to afford the diamond-studded crown. Then what’s the simple solution? A Bridal Crown Hairstyle.

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Generally, Bun and braids are very famous among those women who want to look gorgeous on specific occasions. Braids are encouraged by those women who want a youthful look. Especially Crown Braid hairstyle is the most elegant with the right amount of edge. It looks great on all hair types. Especially if you are doing fieldwork (like Gym trainer, Chef) where you need a style to free your face from hair. So the Bridal crown hairstyle will give you the desired results.

Let’s see in the next section that what we need to make Crown braid hairstyle and also how we can make this hairstyle in just simple steps.                                                                                                                                              Check: How to Make Dutch side Fishtail Braid?

What You Need

  • Tail Comb
  • Hair Spray
  • Bobby pins 
  • Section pins
  • Elastic Bands

How to Do


Firstly, Brush your hair to remove all tangles and part your hair the way you want, down the middle or one side.


After that, Separate the hair from the center of the head into a round shape and leave the surrounding hair.


Give a ponytail shape to centered hair and then tie them with an elastic band.

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Divide ponytail into required sections based on the type of braid you want to make.

Crown Hairstyle

Start weaving braid from any one side of the parting and then keep adding hair into the braid.


when you reach the back, bend your braid to align it with the curve of the head and continue braiding until you reach the other side of your parting.


If you have long hairs, Then continue braiding with the remaining hair and tie up the ends with an elastic band.


You can also pancake the braid for enhancing its look. Insert bobby pins throughout crown style to keep it nice & tight. It always looks good to use bobby pins according to your hair color.


Lastly, Finish this crown hairstyle by a generous hit of hairspray.

Quick Recap

  • Remove hair tangles.
  • Separate centered hair.
  • Make ponytail.
  • Division of ponytail
  • Start weaving braid.
  • Braid alignment with the curve of the head.
  • Continuation process for lengthy hair.
  • Pancake braid for a bigger look.
  • Last but not least, a shower of hairspray.


  • Always use shampoo to clean your hair before start styling, and apply conditioner after shampoo as well.
  • Remove tangles by using a tail comb to get smooth hair, that’ll help you a lot making this crown Hairstyle.
  • Don’t forget to use heat protecting spray at the hair before doing blow-dry to get your hair protected.
  • Blow-dry not only gets your wet hair dried out, but it also gives shine to your dull and frizzy hair.
  • If you have thin hairs, crimp them before you go to styling, as it gets the volume to your silent hairs.
  • Don’t forget inserting bobby pins throughout the Crown hairstyle, as it keeps the braid nice and tight. And if you get the bobby pins according to your hair color, then what could be better than that?
    Crown braid is ideally made with Longhairs, so if you have short hairs, avoid experimenting crown braid hairstyle on your hair.


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