French pull-through braid
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How To: French Pull-Through Braid Tutorial In Easy Steps

French Pull-Through Braid Tutorial

Braids have become much popular in recent past years. If you’re looking to experiment with a traditional braid while giving your hair a bit of extra volume, then French pull-through braid is a perfect choice. This pull-through braid style allows you to create a braid look on yours and your kids as well without weaving a single strand. As far as the hairstyle is concerned, it is the easiest braid that gives you a youthful look. If you can tie a ponytail, then It’ll only take a few minutes to make you a graceful braid.

video: French Pull-through braid

This French pull-through braid tutorial works best for your long hair but if you have a bit shorter hair, you can also try this pretty updo at home.


  • Elastic band
  • Section pins
  • Bobby pins ( Optional)
  • Hair flowers & Beats

How To Do

Step 1

Take a small section from the corners of your forehead to crown and then tie it to a ponytail with the help of the elastic band.

Step 2

Clip the first ponytail to get it off the way and then tie another ponytail under first.

Step 3

Unclip of the top ponytail and then divide it into two sections.

Step 4

Now bring the second ponytail up through split and then clip it up as well.

Step 5

Tie a third ponytail under the second, release the second ponytail and divide it into further two sections.

Step 6

Tie a third ponytail under the second. this time, add the ends of the first ponytail with the third. If the first ponytail is making a parenthesis shape around the second ponytail’s center, it means we are doing right.

Step 7

Now divide the second ponytail into two sections. This time bring the third ponytail up through split and clip it up as well. Now, you have to tie your next ponytail. Keep Moving in the same manner down to the nape.

French Pull-through braid

Step 8

As you reach the nape, tie your final ponytail by adding rest parts of your hair. This is the last stage regarding french ponytail, now we’ll continue pull through braid without incorporating hair.

Step 9

Now release the top ponytail and tie it with the elastic band lower than the previous one.

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Step 10

Use your fingers to split that section, Now pull your ponytail towards down and now it’s your top ponytail. Repeat this process till the end.

Step 11

Finally, tie up hair elastic around all ends and finish the braid.

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