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 Crimped Hair Tutorial

As we have all know that Styling or fashion revive back after every few years. Similarly, when we talk about Crimped hair it reminds us to ’80s when people knew about crimped hair.

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I remember when this crimping style was introduced in the ’80s, it was considered a weird hairstyle. when celebrities like Madonna got their crimpers and having styling, Crimped hair got some fame at that time. But crimping becomes established in the ’90s but it was mostly associated with girlish looks. Many famous superstars getting styling by crimping and used it over the decades. On the whole Crimped hairstyle becomes the memorable style of the ’90s.

Crimped hair can also be pronounced as zig-zag hair, it is one of the latest trends in the world’s beauty industry. Hair bloggers and stylists exclusively share images with convincing wavy hairstyles. A crimped hairstyle adds volume to your hair. You can make a crimped hairstyle to all types and lengths of hair. When you are going to crimp hair, you generally have to notify the size you want to crimp, from large Z shape to smaller kinks. The smaller the wave, the more you’ll have control over the hair at the end. It’s not a big deal to make crimping, you just need to understand the basic techniques and you’ll be able to do well.

What you Need

  • Crimper
  • Hairbrush
  • Tail Comb                   
  • Section pins
  • Section cashiers
  • Bobby pins

How you can Crimp

Wash your hair

 wash your hair by shampoo and conditioner. 

Blow-dry your hair

Blow-dry your hair to get neat and dry hair. Also, Remove the tangles by tail comb ( if any).

Section your hair

Now you have to create sections by using the tail comb. Secure the sections with the help of section pins.

Spray before crimp

Always use a heat protecting spray before you go to crimp.

Crimp application

Adjust the temperature of the crimper. Start crimping your hair from the back section. Always take a small section for crimping.

Crimp away

Similarly, crimp your remaining hair. You can make styling according to the occasion and then tie it with bobby pins.

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crimped hairstyle
crimped hairstyle


  • To get more volume, apply crimper to all of your hair and then brush your lock using a wide-tooth comb.
  • If you want the more wavy look then just crimp the upper layer of your hair.
  • You need to use a flat iron if you already have curly hair.
  • For getting a further shine to your locks, you can use steam crimper or adjust locks with wax.
  • keep observing the temperature of the crimper also, if you are working with extensions.
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