Fishtail braid step by step
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How To Do Fishtail Braid Step By Step – Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Fishtail Braid step by step

The fishtail braid looks quite complicated but its a simple and beautiful hairstyle especially for girls, having long hair. But the question arises how we can make a fishtail braid at home? So I’ll help out you in this regard that how you can make fishtail braid step by step.

video: Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid is a fancy hairstyle, that you can make it for spending a long day. You can manage it during your work activities and it doesn’t bother you a lot. Moreover, sometimes it’s not easy to tackle long hair, you can manage with this hairstyle in the current situation. Most importantly you don’t need to move to any kind of hairstylist for this purpose. It’s much simple and quick to make this fishtail at home. I’ll guide you complete steps and I have also shared the detailed video of this fishtail braid. It’ll be a great convenience for those who don’t know the basics of styling.

What You need

1. Hairbrush

2. Tail Comb

3. Rubber band

4. Hair flowers


Tangle-free hair:

First of all tangle-free your hair by using a hairbrush.

Create a ponytail:

Next, create a ponytail and then locked it with Rubberband.

Divide Ponytail:

Split your ponytail into two sections. you need only two sections to make a fishtail braid.

Create “X” sign:

Use your fingers to take small pieces of hair from outside of one section and cross it over the center and then take another small piece from outside of the other section and cross it towards the center by creating “X” sign in the middle.

Shaping Braid:

Continue to take hair from the circular section and adding it into a braid. Repeat the process with the rest of the hair.

Final Look:

After doing all that fix its tail part with a Rubber band and adjust hair flowers to give it a fancy look.

Finally, you can also apply the hair spray to give it a pretty smooth look.


1. Always make sure to keep “X” sign in the middle center otherwise you’ll lose the whole style.

2. The outside sections which you are taking during braid should be nice and small. it’ll keep the style nice and tight just like the zipper effect.



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