New Hairstyle For Wedding Occasion
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How To Make New Hairstyle For Wedding Occasion

New Hairstyle For Weddings

A wedding is an occasion where every woman looks excited about her hairstyle and she also needs something unique and different every time. There are a lot of hairstyles which you can make at weddings like Bun Hairstyle, Messy Bun Hairstyle, French Braid Bun hairstyle, etc. But today I have good news for those girls who have short hair. Because I’ll share New Hairstyle for weddings in this article.

Video: New Hairstyle for Wedding occasion

Hairstyling is an art and how you handle hair at specific occasions matters a lot. Although It’s not a big deal to make styling on Longhair. But you need the expertise to roll out short hair. In my Salon, mostly teenagers/students come for hairstyling having short hair. But it’s my liability to satisfy those customers with the latest variations. I am also going to share some important tips with you guys about New hairstyle for a wedding occasion. You just need to understand the guidelines and follow the steps. It’s quite easy to make at home without any specific hair styling tools. I have also shared the video of this hairstyle, so you can also get help from watching the video.

What You Need

  • Tail Comb
  • Rubber band
  • Section pins
  • Bobby U pins
  • Beats
  • Invisible pins
  • Small Donut
  • Large Donut
  • Curler
  • Backcombing pad

Now let’s see the complete steps of this New hairstyle for wedding occasions.



Make a section and then cover all hair with section pins.


Then set a backcombing bad on the crown area and tighten it with the help of bobby pins.


Make a ponytail of the back portion.


Now you need to set small and large donuts and also tighten it with bobby u pins.


Adjust hair extensions on the donut and fix it with bobby pins.


Now spread ponytail hair on the donut and then fix it with a rubber band and bobby u pins.

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Twist the remaining hair and fix them around the donut with bobby pins.


Roll the hair of the front side and fix them also with pins.


Adjust front hair around backcombing stuff and then lock it with bobby pins.

New hairstyle for wedding occasion

Lastly, apply hair spray at the front hair for adjustment and adjust dupatta as well with bobby pins.

Expert Advice

  • Always use shampoo to clean your hair before start styling, and apply conditioner after shampoo as well.
  • Remove tangles by using a tail comb to get smooth hair, that’ll help you a lot making a New Hairstyle.
  • Don’t forget to use heat protecting spray at the hair before doing blow-dry to get your hair protected.
  • Blow-dry not only gets your wet hair dried out, but it also gives shine to your dull and frizzy hair.
  • If you have thin hairs, crimp them before you go to styling, as it gets the volume to your silent hairs.
  • To fix donut, you must have to adjust the lower tail of the bobby pins inside the donut, and upper tail in the hair, as it makes the donut tight enough to give a look of New Hairstyle.
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