Side messy Bun Hairstyle
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Latest Bridal Side Messy Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Bridal Side Messy Bun Hairstyle

Side messy bun is such a fancy hairstyle that appeals to every woman. It’s a versatile updo that you can carry in a wedding occasion, it depends, how you have to adjust your hairstyle according to your Makeup. There are multiple ways to create this side messy bun and you have to choose it according to your preference. But If you want to get classy looks with some innovative techniques, You can check out the trendy side messy bun below.

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Side Messy Bun for Medium & Long Hair

Its a desire of every woman to look gorgeous in front of friends and family members at the wedding occasion. But if you couldn’t approach to professional hairstylist, you don’t need to be upset. Because we’re going to share the complete messy updo procedure, which you can follow to make this updo in quite simple steps at home. You can pull it over to medium and long hair. But if you have short hair, it can be tricky to create a side messy bun.

What you Need

  • Tail Comb
  • Backcombing stuff
  • Bobby U Pins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hairspray
  • Curler rod/ Tong
  • Section pins


  1. First of all divide your hair into three sections, Section 1 and section 2 at the front side and third section at the backside.
  2. Take section 2 a bit large than the rest of the other sections.
  3. Start to backcomb from the third section till the half-crown area.
  4. Take a thin strand of hair from the front two sections and merge them in the third section after backcombing.
  5. Apply spray at the backcombed hair of the third section and then fix them by bobby pins.
  6. Separate the box area ( Center region of head) and lock it with section pins.
  7. Remove tangles of the remaining both front sections, and then tighten them in the third section by using bobby pins.
  8. Take a small donut/ backcombing stuff and then set it right under the left ear with the help of bobby pins.
  9. Take two strands of the third section and leave them at the front side with the help of section pins.
  10. Now take thin strands of box area, backcomb at its roots and shower a gentle spray on it. Similarly, apply this to the rest of the box area.
  11. Gather whole hair strands of the box area, and then clip them at the front side by bobby pins. Wrap the tail part of strands in the third section. Lock them by bobby u pins.
  12. Rollover whole hairs of third sections (including hair from 1st and 2nd section of the front) and tighten them using bobby pins. Follow the same pattern to the rest of the strands and make a side messy bun.
  13. Take the two strands from the front side and wrap them around backcombing stuff, under the left ear.
  14. Lastly, hairspray at the whole hair to get a smooth and even look.
Side messy Bun Hairstyle
Side messy Bun Hairstyle

Quick Recap

  1. Divide hair into three sections.
  2. The second section must be huge than the rest.
  3. Backcomb the strands and then set them with bobby pins.
  4. Separate the box area and merge the remaining hair in the third section once remove tangles.
  5. Place backcombing stuff under the left ear to create a side messy bun.
  6. Start backcombing of the box area and then clip the whole strands at the front side.
  7. Wrap two thin strands (which you left at front) around the backcombing stuff to make a side messy bun.
  8. Rollover whole strands of the third section including strands of 1st and second section.
  9. Finally, apply the spray to get a smooth and shiny look.

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Expert Advice

  • Always wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner before you start hairstyling.
  • Tangles can be a hard one, so remove tangles with a comb. It leaves hair smooth and nice for styling.
  • Apply a heat protecting spray before using curler/ tong.
  • Never skip a hairspray, as it allows settle down baby hairs and give the messy style smooth and nice look.
  • Always tighten the strands by using bobby pins, as it keeps the style nice and tight.
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