wedding guest hairstyle
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How To Make Wedding Guest Hairstyle At Home

Wedding Guest Hairstyle

A wedding occasion is an a bit confusing moment for everywomen, thinking about how to make the hair at the wedding? A wedding day is the most special moment for a bride in her life and she must look stunning at that moment. But the bride’s guests and friends also want to look like her. So on that particular occasion, you need a messy look because you wouldn’t try knot braid every time. “wedding guest hairstyle” is only a style that fulfills your requirement on that auspicious occasion and also give you bridesmaid look.

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In fact, hairstyling is quite challenging on certain occasions. Weather can also impact on hairstyling where you have to face hot winds and brutal humidity as well. So you need a style that can withstand hot breeze & extreme humidity as well. Today in this post we’re going to share a fancy and elegant wedding guest hairstyle which not only gives a messy look but also gives you a feel of bridesmaid.


  • Elastic bands
  • Bobby U pins
  • Bobby pins
  • Tail Comb
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair spray
  • Hair flowers

How to Do

Step 1. Pull the hair from the center region and comb neatly by using a tail comb.

Step 2. Secondly, Make a ponytail at the middle ( crown) section of the head and tie it using an elastic band.

Step 3. Now wrap a donut around the ponytail and then make it tight by using bobby U pins.

Step 4. Take a small section of hair from the ponytail to make a braid. Similarly, create a number of braids with the rest of all hair.

Step 5. Secure all braids on donut by using bobby U pins.

Step 6. Wrap the leftover braids around donut to make it further messy.

Step 7. Pick remaining hair from the front section and pin them towards the back portion of the donut. (Leave one-fourth portion of front hair)

wedding guest hairstyle

Step 8. Create a side ponytail with leftover hair from the back portion and then tie it by using an elastic band.

Step 9. We are near to finishing point, so do it by making a braid with front leftover hair and merge it with a side ponytail. 

Step 10. After that, place flowers around the bun to give it a nice and smooth look.

Step 11. Lastly, apply a gentle hit of hair spray on it.

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