Reduce wrinkles with makeup
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How To Reduce Wrinkles With Makeup

How To Reduce Wrinkles With Makeup

Wrinkles may also be known as crease lines, laugh lines or crow’s feet. However, most women try to delay it as long as possible. But in reality, you can’t do anything to prevent wrinkles, as its a natural aging process. You can improve your diet or some sort of remedies to get a bit of relief. By makeup techniques, you can make them less conspicuous. In this post, I’ll share some hacks that how to reduce wrinkles with makeup.

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Reduce wrinkles with makeup

Build your moisturizing habits

There is only a difference between grapes and raisin is hydration. So if you want to disguise wrinkles just make sure to hydrate your skin. Make it habit to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from inside and out. Always moisturize your skin, after washing your skin ( And before removing makeup).

Reduce wrinkles with makeup

Moisturizer alone can’t help you if you are above 40 so you need serum first and then you can apply moisturizer at the top layer. And make sure to avoid sun exposure as well. Make sure to pick a serum that contains hyaluronic acid. Because it’s a humectant which restores moisture. Hydrated face not only makes wrinkles less prominent but helps your makeup much smoother.

Prefer to use silicon primers

Silicon-based primers play a vital role for beauty experts. Silicon magically fills the wrinkled area and provides a smooth surface, to apply a foundation. The best way is to apply foundation by using your hands or a brush, as sponge just soak up the product. Once you moisturize the face, just apply a drop of primer at the center of the forehead, nose, cheek, and chin and then blend it well so that it doesn’t look unnatural.

Make the foundation lighten up

If you have wrinkles it doesn’t mean that you have to apply heavier makeup. When you use a full coverage foundation it settles into wrinkles. Always prefer to apply light or medium coverage foundation. Using a damp sponge will help soften the foundation and give it a splendid and flawless look. Some other techniques like BB cream, Moisturizer, and Airbrush makeup are superb for providing coverage without accentuating wrinkles and fine lines.

Reduce wrinkles with makeup

Apply Chiffon colors

Color corrector is not just used for redness, dark spots, and dark circles. A color corrector in chiffon also helps disguise wrinkles to lift up the darkness from the area. Add chiffon color in the depth of the wrinkled area and then blend by tapping with your finger. Don’t panic that it’ll clash with the rest of your makeup. Once you mix it with concealer, it works wonders for all skin tones and reduces wrinkles.

Reduce wrinkles with makeup

Get the powder away

Some women prefer to use powder to set their makeup but you have to skip it in some time for specific reasons. Actually, powder settles in fine lines and wrinkles and makes them more prominent. So its better to get away with it. But if you still can’t leave it then avoid applying in the areas where you have many wrinkles like crow’s feet.

Shape up your eyes

Your eye makeup needs much attention, as false lashes draw attention to embellished eyelids or crow’s feet. To avoid this, you have to use mascara or eyelash curler. Curling your eyelash can add more volume and definition to lashes and help disguise wrinkles.

Reduce wrinkles with makeup

Glittery eye makeup is another challenge, as it allows the fine lines to become more obvious. So First you should use matt eyeshadow primer or thin-layered concealer at eyelids. Then place a light shadow from lashline to brow bone. Liquid liners also tend to settle into wrinkles. So Always use soft shade eyeliner pencil and apply it with the upper lash line only.

Pop up your blush with the highlighter

Pop your cheeks to get away attention from wrinkles. A cream-based highlighter is the best one to apply under your blush because it gives a shiny glow through blush and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You don’t need to over-do it, just tap a little bit by using your finger, and it will work for you.

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Reduce wrinkles with makeup

When it comes to your blush, pick the accurate color and location. Get a shade that compliments to your skin tone. Rosy pinks and peaches for fair skin, Pinks & peaches for medium skin tones and oranges or berries for darker complexions. Don’t apply blush below your nostrils, as it can draw your face downward and make appear you older. Blend it well so it doesn’t look unnatural. The best technique is just, smile then apply it to the apple of your cheeks, lastly blend it well.

Lip up

Prime line and color play an effective role to shape your lips. As the primer does for your face, Lip primer do the same for your lips, it helps provide a smoother base for your lipstick. If you found a lip liner that is almost close to lipstick shade, it prevents to fill the fine lines around your face.

Reduce wrinkles with makeup

Once you line your lips, add up color between these lines. It helps stay your lipstick last longer. Then finish it by applying lipstick shade of your own choice but keep avoiding matte shades. They can make wrinkles more visible.

Keep your Neck involved

Even if you have done tremendous makeup, but wrinkles on the neck make it worst. You don’t need to carry too much but makeup help hide your neck creases and give you a blended look. If you have a pale neck than your face, dust some bronzer instead of adding more makeup. Never skip moisturizing your neck. Neck tightening creams have wonders results.

Reduce wrinkles with makeup

Take a Final Look

Ensure to apply makeup in natural light if possible. Because sometimes what looks good in the bedroom, can be ugly outside the room. To analyze your makeup in two different lights. Most importantly check that you blend it well if your blending is off, it allows wrinkles to get more prominent. So check it again and again once you have done it.

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