Makeup tips for dark skin tone
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Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Tones

Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Tones

When you have darker skin, it can be tricky applying makeup to your skin. But dark skin has the ultimate advantages of absorbing more colors than lighter shades. People with light to medium skin tone mostly avoid intense shades but bright shades give tremendous results on these skin tones. Actually these sorts of colors blend naturally on dark skins and give an awesome look. In this post, we’ll share some makeup tips that how you can apply makeup to dark skin tones.

Makeup tips for dark skin

1. Moisturize your Skin

  • If you don’t moisturize dark skin regularly it gets an ashy look. So make it habit to apply moisturizer on a daily basis after getting a shower.
  • If you have dry skin, you need to use a liquid foundation. For extra moisture, you can add a few drops of moisturizer in it before applying.
  • For translucent coverage, you can also use BB Cream or tinted moisturizer.

2. Use of Foundation

  • If you wanna add foundation in your daily makeup activity then you must choose a product that is almost similar to your natural skin tone.
  • Avoid using lighter foundation shades than your skin tone. It can appear as grey makeup and can create patches on your skin which looks vulnerable.
Makeup tips for dark skin
  • Always test the foundation on your forehead when going for shopping. People with dark skin tones should use at their face instead of hands, as it can’t provide you an accurate result over there.
  • Buying a foundation can be a tricky one for Dark skin ladies. As the demand for local brands to provide them better results. Some shopkeepers are skilled beauty experts, so they can give them a better solution. But you must ensure that the foundation is properly blended in different lights. Sometimes it gets better results in the store but when you apply it at your home can produce worse results.

3. Conceal your dark Circles

Dark circles are most common in women and it can appear as patchy spots on face. If you have some dark circles you need to cover them to get a youthful and vibrant look. Choose a concealer similar to your skin tone or 1 shade lighter than your skin tone.

  • Swipe the concealer beneath your eyes and blend it at the edges.
  • If your dark circles still persist, try orange color correcting concealer below your skin tone concealer. As it’s a great all-around color corrector which can help disappear dark circles.

4. Bold blush is a smart option

  • The blushes that consider too bright for lighter skin can be effective for darker skin. Bright oranges especially enlighten your cheeks if you have warm undertones.
  • Colors like rose and coral may also complement dark skin smoothly. These are the perfect choice for day makeup.
Makeup tips for dark skin
  • You may apply deep rich colors like plum, wine, and bronze in the evening or night makeup.
  • Never use beiges and neutral brown as they may spoil your beauty blends.

5. Setting up powder

  • You can apply translucent powder at the end. Setting powder can help shine your makeup further and help last longer your makeup as well. And if you have oily skin, this step is compulsory for you.
  • Be aware while using illuminating powders because they are specially made for dark skin tones.

6. Highlight your brow and Eyeshadow

Apply the cream eyeshadow under your eyebrow by using an eyeshadow brush. It’ll not only create an artistic view but also bigger your eyes. This trick is highly effective for women with dark skin tones.

7. Pale Gold eyeshadow for daytime Look

  • Shimmery cream and gold eyeshadow are generally used as a base on the lids. They work effectively for dark skin. It looks natural if blended properly at the dark skin during highlighting eyes.
  • A touch of Pale gold eyeshadows around your tear ducts can brighten your eyes without covering the whole lid.
Makeup tips for dark skin
  • Dark skin tones can pull off all the shades so don’t hesitate to choose any shade, just pick the dark shade of eyeshadow which you want.

8. Apply vibrant shades

  • You can use any color but color with high pigments are the perfect one dark skin. You can apply by using an eyeshadow brush to dab on the color on your lid. Begin it from the inner corner of your lid to the outer corner of the eyelid. Get the color prominent just over the crease line.
  • You can use colors that are based on red and orange pallets if you have dark undertones. You can select a dark orange shadow or warm red.
  • For cool undertones, colors with blue pallets will be a better option. For example, bright indigo or red mixed can be your ideal colors.

9. Avoid Nudes & Ashy Shades

Nudes color may ruin your look and ashy colors can make your skin appear more dry and dirty. If you want to apply a nude shadow, you must pick metallic or shimmer.

10. Pop up your eyes with Kajol

Kajol is a great tool to pop your eyes. Kajol is also much important for Smokey eye makeup. Smokey eye makeup is a supreme choice of each bride, it can suit all skin shades but it looks stunning on dark skin tone. Black eyeliners look awesome on dark skin. But these sorts of eyeliners are quite tricky to manage with lighter skin tones. Liquid eyeliners are also much famous in Asian countries especially when you go to embellish eyes of dark skin.

Makeup tips for dark skin

11. Pop your Lips with Foundation

The primary step is to apply the foundation at your lips. If you wanna apply brighter shades on dark lips, this trick will be effective. Otherwise, these colors might appear dull.

  • Foundation also helps lip shade to stay longer.
  • You can also use lip primer in place of foundation.

12. Lip up Red for Vibrant look

If You want an adventurous or vibrant look, you can paint your lips with bright reds at dark skin.

Makeup tips for dark skin
  • Orangey “ fire” shades are the perfect choice for daytime makeup.
  • Neutral bold reds can be used during night makeup.

13. Keep distance from Glossy lip shades

Skip away pale and glossy lip shades while choosing lip colors. As they look stunning in blush, but they can’t work well when applying to lips. They make your skin looks dull and blemish. Lip colors with glossy and shimmery shades have the same issues.

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