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10 Makeup Tips For Party Makeup

10 Makeup Tips For party makeup

Makeup is not an ordinary part that can be performed by every individual. You need expertise in a particular field, you know how to manipulate things according to the situation. But it depends on how you can adopt the techniques to apply. For a perfect makeup, you have to evolve yourself into a project. You learn from your mistakes and then, in the end, you achieve the desired results. In this article, we’ll help you out about 10 makeup Tips for party makeup.

Tips for party makeup


1. Avoid to Put concealer on eyes

Concealer plays an effective role to mask your dark circles and under-eye bags. Sometimes we prefer to apply concealer on our eyelids to make a base. But avoid applying it to your eyelids. Because It can ruin your whole makeup.

Tips for party makeup

2. Use tape to get cat-eye look

To create a perfect cat-eye look with eyeliner is not an easy task. Not only you need a perfect flick but you also have to match both eyes. Now you can also do it easily by just a little spoon or tape. Start to create a straight line from the outer corner of the eye towards the edges of the spoon. Then you have to trace around the curved edge from the finishing point of your flick back downwards to your lashes and then fill in the wing.

Tips for party makeup

3. Shaping Eyebrows

Shaping eyebrows isn’t a big deal, you just need to follow these steps. Start to brush your eyebrows using spoolie, so that hair sits naturally. Shape the outside of the brow using a flaxy brow pencil with its thinner side of the tip. Finally, blend some highlighter below brow bone for lift.

Tips for party makeup

4. Vibrant Smokey eye

Smokey eyes can be created by enough shades by blending it normally. We have a further quick and easy alternative for you. Just use an eye pencil to draw a hashtag at the outer corners of the eyes and then blend it with a smudger. By doing this, you’ll get the vibrant smokey eye that’s dark and light from all right places.

Tips for party makeup

5. Use Spoon to Apply Mascara

Every woman wants to make her eye makeup everlasting after applying mascara on her eyelids. Well, thanks to an easy trick to make mascara application quite easy. So you only need to take a kitchen spoon, and you’ll perfectly apply mascara to make your eyes vibrant. So Just place the end of the spoon under your eyelashes to get a normal mascara application. Now It’ll protect your face from the excess product or any residue.

Tips for party makeup

6. DIY Cake Eyeliner

If you are desperate to use cake eyeliner and you haven’t enough time to run to shops, you can also make yourself. Just take regular kohl eye pencil and hold the pencil under the flame for one second and then let it cool for 15 seconds. Now the consistency of the pencil becomes too much softer and easier to apply.

Tips for party makeup

7. Matching lip shade to your cheeks

Matching lip shade to your cheeks gets you a lovely and natural appearance avoiding a dual-purpose product. Just apply some to the back of your hand and then blend it quite easily.

Tips for party makeup

8. Make Your Lipstick long-lasting

Either it’s a baby cheek or a juice glass, lipstick lasts everywhere except lips. But there is a trick that allows the lipstick to stay longer. Just take a tissue and place on lips after applying shade, dust on the translucent powder. It’ll make your lipstick shade longer lasting.

Tips for party makeup

9. Tightlining

Some ladies love a natural makeup look, so they should apply tightlining technique. Therefore, You only have to use a brush gently to push eyeliner onto your upper eyelashes. It’ll create a further defined appearance in your eyes.

10. Enlight your skin with a foundation

If your skin is looking a little bit dull then try this tip to get a youthful and radiant skin. Mix a little bit of golden or pearly white eyeshade in your foundation before you apply foundation. It’ll incredibly lift your face features.

Tips for party makeup
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