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How To Do Engagement Bridal Makeup Step By Step

Engagement Bridal Makeup

Engagement day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life because they have been going to start a new life journey by the blessings of their family and wishes from friends. Both look much excited regarding engagement and especially the bride is looking forward to her makeup and attire. It is always suggested to the bride to wear fancy dresses on these occasions. Engagement day makeup and dress are much important because its a moment that is captured in cameras and it’ll be your forever memory. So a nominal mistake can ruin your engagement ceremony. In this engagement bridal makeup guide, we’ll share the basic makeup ideas step by step that’ll assist you to do the perfect makeup.

engagement bridal makeup



First of all, you have to hydrate the skin, so moisturize the skin before you go to start makeup. Moisturizer prepares skin for makeup by smoothening or toning it. For oily skin, you have to apply scrub or facial treatments before applying makeup. Using moisturizer and getting facial treatments before makeup help maintains your skin glowing and healthy.


In this step, you have to fix the base and make sure to create a smooth and even base, as wrinkles or patchy makeup looks weird in front of the camera. To create a smooth and even base, apply primer first because it helps makeup to stay longer. Then apply the concealer at dark areas of your face like dark circles to hide them. Now you have to apply the foundation and always prefer to use foundation according to your skin tone. Apply foundation in dots and then blend it at the edges of the face by using a brush.


Now apply the blush on to your cheeks to enhance your facial features. After that apply blush powder gently at the cheekbones and at the outer corners of the eyes as well. Everybody prefers a thinner nose, for this, you should apply bronzers on the sides of the nose and then blend it. Also, apply blush under the cheekbones to prominent your jawlines.


Eye makeup is very important when we are moving forward to engagement makeup. Make sure that you have performed brilliant work on eyes as it should look bigger and vibrant when the photographer turns the camera towards the eyes. Pick an eye shadow that suits your skin tone and color of the dress as well. To give more prominence to your eyes, use Kajol as it defines your eyes more glamours. If you love smokey eyes, then use smokey eye colored pencils on the eyelids and smudging it to get the vibrant smokey eye color. Also, make sure to shape the eyebrows well. Eyebrows depend on the shape of your face so give a nice and smooth shape to your eyebrows.

engagement bridal makeup


Lip makeup is the final task in Engagement makeup. To start lip makeup, use a lip pencil to define your lips inwards and then apply lipstick shades. You can use shades according to your dress or makeup. Finally, finish it by applying lip gloss.

Hair Styling

Hairstyling is another important aspect of engagement makeup. So choosing hairstyling is very tricky in engagement makeup. You must consider a hairstyle that suits your face and also meets the requirement of the occasion as well. you can choose the Latest bun hairstyle or a curly ponytail as well. A proper hairdo defines your engagement bridal makeup. 

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