Lipstick on small lips
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How To Apply Lipstick On Small Lips Like A Pro

How To Apply Lipstick On Small Lips

Lipstick is the most important element in makeup and a little lipstick is enough to brighten your face and polish your lips. But avoid applying to your teeth, as it looks embarrassing. Although it’s not a big deal to apply lipstick by using multiple shades. But sometimes it can be tricky if you have small lips or dark lips. So don’t bother because we’ll sort out your these worries in this post. We’ll tell you to step by step, how to apply Lipstick on small lips like a pro.

Lipstick on small lips
Lipstick on small lips

What you Need

  1. Lip balm
  2. Primer
  3. Lip liner
  4. Lipstick shade which you want


If you want to get something new using little lipstick, you can do it. There are many shortcuts in makeup to get your desired goals. we’ll let you know how you can give your small lips to a pouty look. There are also many brands available in the market to enhance lips look.

1. Prep your lips

The first and foremost step is to exfoliate your lips. Soft and smooth lips may help lipstick to stay longer. So Just apply a lip balm on your lips in a circular motion.

2. Use the Primer

Now apply a primer to create an even base at your lips. it can also resist lipstick shade to sink deeper in the lips.

Lipstick on small lips

3. Line your Lip

Take a lip liner matching to your lipstick color, draw a line to your lips from one edge to another. It defines your lips and gives it a nice shape. But keep avoiding to use dark colors, as it can appear your lips further smaller.

4. Highlight

When you have applied lipstick, ensure to highlight it completely. Highlighting provides the same effect as it gives to your face by creating dimensions. Highlighting is the key factor that helps appear your lips look fuller.

Lastly, use a lip gloss to brightens the shade of your lipstick. A lipgloss gives fuller look to small and thin lips.

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