Purple smokey eye makeup
Eye Makeup Makeup

How To Do Purple Smokey Eye Makeup At Home

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Eyes are an important component of makeup. So its the beautician’s expertise who makes and decorates your eyes. That’s why you need full concentration while doing eye makeup. In eye makeup, you need to make eyebrows before doing eye makeup. you should use a brown pencil where there is a large amount of hair. Black pencil is used generally in the portion where less hair exists. Smokey eye is an awesome technique in eye makeup which is mostly preferred in night Party makeup. In this article, I’ll share with you about purple smokey Eye makeup and I’ll also tell you complete steps of this makeup.

Video: Purple smokey eye makeup

Now you can make your Eye makeup at home. Today you’ll see how Purple smokey eye makeup can be easily made at home. You need to understand the complete steps of this makeup and also try to practice in your daily routine makeup. I have also shared the video of this purple Eye makeup. it’ll provide ease to understand about this makeup.

What You Need

  1. Makeup brushes
  2. Eye base
  3. Eye primer
  4. White pencil
  5. Lashes
  6. Lash gum
  7. Cake eyeliner
  8. Eye curler
  9. Eyeshade pallet
  • Black
  • Purple shimmer shade
  • Light brown shade
  • Dark brown shade
  • white shimmer shade
Purple Eye Makeup
Purple Eye Makeup


  • First of all, give the shape to eyebrows with the help of a cut brush.
  • Then Apply the Fixer to fix the eyebrows.
  • Apply eye primer on eyes with fingertips and tap it further.
  • Shape your eyes by using concealers of light colors.
  • Tap it by using loose powder to fix it further. it’ll allow staying baseline for a long time and enhance the color as well.
  • Now use black cake liner on eyeballs and also merge it with the help of black eyeshade.
  • Shape your crease line by using a light brown color with a blending brush.
  • Apply dark brown color to make this crease line a little bit darker.
  • After that, use Shimmer purple color on your eyeball.
  • Apply white eye highlighter at the eye corner to make it further prominent.
  • Also, use White highlighter at eyebrow bones to highlight it further.
  • Apply Cake liner by using Liner brush.

How to Adjust Eye Lashes

  • Take artificial eyelashes and cut it from the corner according to your eye size.
  • Paste the artificial lashes at the required portion by using eyelash gum.
  • Let it dry for at least 2-3 minutes.
  • Apply eyeliner at the corners to give it a smokey shape.
  • Now use eyer curler ( Mascara) to merge the real and artificial eyelashes.
  • Apply cake liner under the lower eyelash and then merge it with the brush by using purple shade.
  • You’ll use a light base stick at the eye water line to make a base.
  • Finally, Use a white pencil at this water line to broaden your eyes.

Tips For Smokey Eye Makeup

Tip 1

Start with the highlighter from the brow bone and always start with the medium color, as it doesn’t allow the gradient to affect negatively.

Tip 2

Be sure, to begin with, medium color and then proceed with the medium-dark shade gradually and finally finish it with the darkest shade applied to the lid and then blend it gently.

Tip 3

An eye pencil can serve as a base to your eye makeup and smudge it all over the lid and for greater color concentration you need to blend again and again.

Tip 4

If you need a smokey eye for day time and you wanna avoid much darker shade, Line only inside the waterline of your eye and skip the bottom lash line.

Tip 5

Every eye has a different shape, and there are some variations that need to apply for specific smokey eye makeup. For example, a technique where darker shades used at the lashline and blending up towards the blow suits everybody. But on the other hand, something like a cut crease wouldn’t suit you, if you have an eye without a deep socket.

Tip 6

The ultimate objective of a smokey eye is to give your eye a seductive or sultry look. For perfect smokey Eye makeup, your brow bone and lower lashes should be visible. So, make sure to choose lighter or hidden shades.

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Tip 7

The key thing in the smokey eye is the right use of brushes. Try to avoid stiff brushes as it can make you trouble to blend all the eyeshadows together. And also stay away from sponge applicators, as they don’t facilitate in blending due to small handles, and you get a patchy or uneven result.

Tip 8

You can use the lighter or brighter tones if you have elongated eyes or there is depth around the lash line. Some people don’t get satisfaction using whole black eyeshadows, so in that case, you can use lighter tones. Shimmery shades will also get more enhanced on deeper skin tones. So lighter skin tones must go with some ultra-shiny to get more prominent.

Tip 9

If you haven’t done perfectly regarding the brushing technique or liner application. Don’t worry to do everything perfectly. Finally, everything is going to get smudging and blended together in the end.

Tip 10

This tip is very important for those, who want to make smokey eyes in haphazardly. Believe you me if you do it in a rush, it doesn’t work at all. You need time to blend and managed its shape. If you want to do it in advance, you have to blend and shape it in 10-15 minutes.


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