Latest Gold Smokey Eye Makeup
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Latest Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2019

Latest Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

Gold is always been a passionate color for ladies either it is used in bridal dresses, jewelry or uses to intensify the makeup looks. But when we talk to apply on eyes, “it can rock the party”. Eye makeup is the most delicate and important part of makeup. Especially gold smokey eyes which entirely transform your makeup looks. Let’s see a glimpse, how to create the Latest gold smokey eye makeup step by step.

Gold smokey eye makeup

What You Need

  1. Primer
  2. Gold eyeshade
  3. Light brown eyeshade
  4. Base shade
  5. Gel liner
  6. Mascara
  7. Kajol
  8. Concealer

How to Do

Prime the Eyelids

The first step is to prime your eyelids so that it looks smooth. A smooth primer application is a key to this makeup. It also allows eye makeup to stay for a long time.

Apply Base Shade

Apply the base shade at the eyelids in a gentle way. It performs as a transition shade to avoid any harsh lines between gold and skin.

Blend with Goldish shade

Now it’s the time to give a goldish look to your eye. Apply gold shade at inside and center of the eyelids and then blend it near the crease line.

Add up light Brown Shade

Add a light brown shade at the outer corner and then blend it towards the crease. As its a goldish eye makeup so add up the center of eyelids with gold shade if you feel there is not enough shade. you also need to apply a few gold shades at the bottom lash line as well.

Conceal the dark patches

Concealer is the best tool to mask the dark spots under the eyes. Conceal the areas where you have the dark patches and then blend it out.

Initiate Winged Eyeliner

Apply a black gel liner to make a winged line. Leave it simple, if you are in party makeup. you can extend it further if you want a fancy look.

Create a fancy look with kajal

Apply kajal at the upper and lower waterlines to shape up the eyes. you also need a little bit of gentle work on the bottom lash line.

Gold smokey eye makeup

Apply Mascara at Eyelashes

Last but not least, apply mascara at your eyelashes to finish the gold smokey eye makeup.

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