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Latest Arabic Mehndi Design For Weddings & Eid Occasion

Mehndi Design For Weddings & Eid

Whether it’s a wedding or an eid occasion in Pakistan, one thing which women can’t be ignored is Mehndi design. There are millions of Mehandi designs that women draw on their hands but some Arabic Mehandi designs are much popular these days. Some women are so creative which prefer to draw Mehandi design on their feet as well. Mehandi design is considered auspicious both in Hindu and Islamic cultures. Nowadays every bride gives it a peak preference to paint her hands and feet with Mehandi.

Every society has their own tradition or culture regarding Mehandi designs. But the main idea is that the bride should look gorgeous so that she gets much attention and love from her husband. Islam also emphasizes that A bride should decor her hands with Mehandi on that particular occasion for her husband. There are various things in history that justify why Mehandi designs are drawn on the hands and feet during the wedding. In Muslim countries, Eid is also a blessed occasion that is celebrated with decorating hands with Mehandi designs. In this post, we’ll share multiple Mehandi designs with you including Arabic, Indian and Pakistani Mehandi designs. You can try it on your hands and feet and even you can suggest to your relatives and friends too.

Latest Mehndi Designs

Minimalistic Net Mehndi Design

This beautiful design is sketched with the latest touch in it Because it has multiple designs like flowers, Net and motifs in a single task. This minimalistic design is one of the best Mehendi designs, especially for the bride’s manicure.



Tattoo’s Henna Design

This “Mehndi design” is quite elegant and unique, as you’ll sketch out two tattoo’s at the backside of hand and then crossing a string towards a little floral tattoo at your finger.



Flowered shape with the Motif design

This flowered shape design is a superb Mehendi design, especially for party occasions. You can also create this design on your own without any expert.


Motifs Mehndi Design for Feet

This Mehndi design is a gorgeous sketch when you create it during wedding occasions. A little bit of motifs design in it give it further a splendid shape.



Simple Mehndi Design

This is one of the most famous and simple Mehndi designs and mostly girls begin designing with it, It can be created to entertain all sorts of party functions. A tattoo in the middle gives further prominence to this elegant design.

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Rounded Arrows Style

Tattoos always give dynamic beauty in designs. In this design, you have to create a couple of tattoos using hand and forearm, Drawing further arrows at the fingers will lead to Rounded Arrows style.



Pakistani Traditional Motif style

It is the Pakistani Traditional Mehndi design, a simple floral patch on backhand and bit motif work on the fingers gives it an artistic shape.



Heavy Net Frame Style

You just have to create a simple jaali design at your palm to get this Arabic Mehendi style.



Artistic Peacock style

In this design, Peacock sketching shapes travel right from wrist to fingers, as some motifs on fingers will make this incredible design.



Pakistani coolest Mehndi design

This is another Pakistani Mehndi design with a little bit of net, and some motifs at fingers to embellish this design.


Cross Fingered Mehndi Design

This design embellishes your hand by drawing cross signs at fingers and hands. Some floral work with motifs at the left part of your hand is required.


Arabic Index Finger Design

This is one of the most beautiful and unique Arabic designs, which begins to embellish your hand and finish at the index finger.



Trending Mehndi Style

This trending Mehendi design consists of floral based designs along with motif work. This Mehendi design is a perfect one for wedding occasions.


Arabic Coolest Arm with the motif design

Arabic women are a bit crazy about these kinds of heavy floral designs. You need an expert designer to create this design right from the wrist to the whole hand.



Arabic Laces Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design consists of a pair of Laces, constituting a rose at the center of the part of the design. Moreover, This pair of Lace goes to the fingers to emulsify this Arabic look.



Bandage style Mehndi Design

For this unique design, you have to draw Mehandi just like bandage shape. The middle finger also will give a shape of the bandaged finger, once done.



Butterfly Mehndi Sketch

The butterfly design is a great amusement for a kid’s mother and you can extend it, to sketch at your index finger.



Decorative motif Mehndi design

This decorative motif design is a great idea to embellish your hand. The small holes at the middle fingers give a mirror shape which further enlightens it.


Centered Flower Mehndi design

It is the most simple and elegant design by creating a flower at the center of the hand, constituting some floral designs in the same direction.



Cornered Finger Mehndi Design

In this design, Mehendi is applied at the specific corner of the hand. It’s quite a detailed pattern because it embellishes one side of the hand and some prints on fingers to represent an Arabic style.



Centered Tattoo Styling

Tatto in the center of the hands gives this design a tremendous shape, and it’s quite similar to the mandala style. Printed fingers with nets turn it to marvelous shape.

Designer’s trendy Mehndi Design

This Designer’s trendy design embellish your wrist and some part of the hand including some portion of fingers.



Decorative Floral Mandala Design

This Floral mandala design is made right in the middle of the hand, pairing with the prints on the fingers.



Simple Palm paint design

In this Design, you create floral prints at the whole of your palm, with a bit of motif.



Dropping Down Flowered Design

When you make Mehandi design which starts dropping under the nails and finishes at the middle of a hand, in the huge flower design, we say it Dropping down Flowered design.



Fingered Necklace Mehndi sketch

This Fingered Necklace design is obtained by making a rose at the bottom of the finger, whose strings gone through the corner of the hand. The finger is also wrapped in a layered net print.



Embroided Fingerd Mehndi design

This Mehndi design is Created in such a way that it reflects the Floral Embroided look at the back of your hand.


Embellished Feet Mehndi design

If you want to embellish your feet, then create Mehandi prints in floral motifs at the front of feet along with fingers.



Flowered Mehndi Design

A prominent Flower in the middle of the hand looks like Tatto and Lighten prints on fingers make this design more elegant.



Floral Net Mehndi Collection

In this design, mehndi is applied in different floral shapes at both hands and connecting the fingers wrapping with Nets motifs.


Bracelet Mehandi Style

This trendy design is one of the beautiful Mehandi designs because of its uniqueness and simplicity. This type of Arabic design generally starts from the wrist on the front and back and connected with a major motif.



Bracelet Connecting ribbon-style

This design joints two bracelets by a ribbon, a few motif designs on fingers make it more pretty.



Half Flowered Mehndi design

As its quite obvious from Name, Half flowered style in this Mehndi design embellishes your hand.


Parallel Gold Bracelet design

Two Parallel Bracelets are sketched in this Mehndi design to decore your pretty hands. The ribbons of these bracelets also give this design a new look.


Heavey Feet Arabic Mehndi Design

This is one of the most famous Arabic Mehandi designs, to make nets on whole feet and connecting floral net also at the lower leg portion.



Heavy Motif Arabic design

Another beautiful but heavy Floral Motif design reminds us of Arabic Mehandi’s traditional ideas.


Dimensional Roses Mehndi design

In this design, there are different roses in every layer of floral design. It carries to some part of hand, finger and then wrap up at the top section of the wrist.



Paired Sunflower Design

A quite meaningful design elaborates that two sunflowers are exchanging their poles with each other.


Indian Mehndi Design

A Typical Indian Mehandi design gives always a pleasure to make and decore on the bride’s hand.

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Diagonal Floral Imprints On Mehndi

Nobody can ignore the neat and beautifully created Arabic Mehndi design and Diagonal floral imprints are also one of them.



Floral jaali decor ideas

This design is filled by Small printed Nets and connected it further to the fingers and sunflower is made in the middle of both hands.



Hand Made Flower Mehndi design

It is quite a simple and elegant Mehndi design which has been made at the backside of the hand. It gives a splendid vibe to your hand because of its abstract design.



Mehndi design for teenagers

A lot of creative variations in a single Mehndi design is made only for teenage girls who like the latest designs with multi prints.



Floral Arabic prints on feet

The simple and huge floral prints on the upper part of feet is a tremendous Arabic Mehandi design.



Heavy Arabic Flowered Mehndi style

Lastly, In this Mehandi design, a pattern of small prints on the whole hands connects with a Major motif flower at the wrist, which gives it an Arabic look.

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