apply lipstick on dark lips.
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Tips and Tricks To Apply Lipstick On Dark Lips

Tips to Apply Lipstick On Dark Lips

Without Lipstick in makeup, you can’t rock the show. Lipstick defines your makeup on weddings or party occasion. A good lipstick shade can diversify your looks. But it is always a tricky one to apply shades on dark or small lips. If you have dark or discolored lips, don’t you worry because we have some tricks to get your lips colored up to your desire.  Light or pink shades can serve better in these sort of tricks. So in this post, we’re going share some tips to apply lipstick on dark lips.

apply lipstick on dark lips.
Apply lipstick on dark lips

Follow the steps

1. Conceal your lips

First of all, you have to pick a concealer matching to your skin tone. Whenever you face dark areas in makeup you have to manage it using concealer. So it’ll never give the odd look at your lips. The basic purpose is to conceal your darker or pigmented lips. I am sure that you’ll get surprise, when you see the difference.

Lipstick on dark lips

2. Conceal a bit more

If you haven’t satisfied with a little concealer, you can add on the product a little bit more to get you the desired effects. It creates a baseline to mask the dark or discolored lips, So don’t get hesitate to apply on your lips. it works wonders when you have done it perfectly.

3. Use a lip liner

Now Line your lip according to your lipstick color. Apply a lipliner carefully to your natural lip line in cross shape or creating x right under the cupid’s bow. Always be cautious, when going to line lips, as it defines the shape of your lipstick.

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4. Launch a Lipstick

Finally, the moment comes when you have to shade your lips. Apply your desired lipstick in layers and always choose a non-glossy formula for good results. These sorts of formulations have greater staying power than the creamy lipsticks.

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