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How To Do Wedding Makeup

What sort of makeup should I do today? It’s a common question of every woman at weddings. A wedding day for the bride is one of the supreme moments of life. So she needs such a makeup that a bride should have. But what about remaining friends & family members who expect the same beauty expertise for their own makeup. So be realistic! Let me explain that First of all, you have to decide what’s your requirements according to the occasion. Secondly, as you all know that if you expect something extra from beauty experts, they haven’t enough time to entertain you on these occasions. That is the reason you have to face weird circumstances at that moment. So you guys calm down! because I am going to drop a solution for you. In this post, I’ll let you know how you can do wedding makeup at home.

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Shade your eyebrow

Fill up your eyebrow with dark brown color by using an eyebrow brush.

Shape up eyebrow

To further enhance the shape of your eyebrow, Use any light liquid concealer /TV paint stick.

Fix dark circles

If you have Dark circles beneath your eyes, remove them by the color corrector. You know your skin better, apply your desired color corrector.

Conceal your eyes

Tap concealer with blending brush or beauty blender. Use loose powder to fix the concealer on the eyes.

Apply eye shades

Give your crease line brownish shade and then blend it smoothly. Apply pink color at the edges of the eye and expand it using blending brush. Use your fingertips to highlight eyebrow inner corners. Silver color can be a perfect one for this.

Apply shimmers

Eyelid induces shape to eyes makeup, so make it prominent by shimmer shades.

Adjust eyelashes

  • Now it’s the time to apply liquid liner at your lash line with a liner brush and then adjust the artificial eyelash using lash gum.
  • Lastly, apply the mascara/lasher at your lashes to shape the curve angle.

Primer application

Clean your face with makeup wipes and apply primer according to your skin. Then apply the corrector to make an even skin tone.

Application of liquid base

  • Now apply TV paint sticks according to your complexion with blending brush.
  • Apply the fixer powder to fix the paint sticks and then apply the liquid pancake with a liquid base brush neatly and tap with a sponge to make a smooth surface. And apply the compact powder to create a finishing look.


Contour your face with a contour brush by using a contour kit.

Highlight your features

Now blush your cheeks and then highlight your face with a highlighter color to give it a fancy look.

Lip up

Finally, apply the lipstick according to your eye makeup and wrap up your makeup.

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