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05 Easy Nail Art Ideas 2019 – French Nail Art

05 Easy Nail Art Ideas 2019

Every time when you paint your nails, you want to do something new and elegant. Manicure designs have been different according to weather changes. In the summer season, you need a few soft nail designs, but winter brings much more for you with creative ideas by using darker shades. But one should not confuse in winters by doing unusual experiments. We have 05 Easy nail art ideas according to the winter that’ll assist you a lot.

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What you Need 

  • Upper coat
  • Nail paint colors ( Red, Black, Pink, Green, Grey, Silver, Purple, Yellow and skin color)
  • Motives
  • Beats
  • Liner brush
  • Bobby pin
  • sponge pieces


1. Red French nail design

  • Apply a base coat on the nail and then apply Red nail paint on the tip of the nail with a liner brush.
  • Now apply a thin line of Black nail paint with liner brush in the inner side and then dry it.
  • Then apply the upper coat.
Easy nail art ideas
Easy nail art ideas

   2. Triangle French nail design

  • Apply Skin nail paint as a base coat and then let it dry.
  • Take Grey nail paint and apply with liner brush in the shape of Triangle French nail design and dry it once again.
  • Now apply the upper coat and decor with beats.
Easy nail art

3. Rainbow nail art design

  • Take Green, Pink, Blue & Yellow nail paints and also small pieces of sponge.
  • Apply the base coat on the nails to protect your nail from Nail paint pigments.
  • Take a small Sponge. and apply all nail paints and tap on the nail and remove extra nail paint with nail remover then apply an upper coat.

4. Silver French nail paint

  • Apply light pink nail paint as an upper coat and then let it dry for a few seconds.
  • Take Silver nail paint and apply it using liner brush on nail tip and then create half-moon design on the nails.
  • Lastly, apply an upper coat.

5. Dot nail paint

  • Apply a base coat on the nail and then take Black nail paint and apply in a dotted form with the help of bobby u pin and leave it for dry.
  • Finally, apply the upper coat.

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