05 fancy nail art ideas
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05 Fancy Nail Art Ideas – Nail Paint Design For Party Occasions

05 Fancy Nail Art Ideas

Nail Art is the most artistic work and women are very selective about nail art designs . Especially in Wedding occasion, they need something special which is not only unique but give awesome looks as well. So today we’ll let you know how you can create 05 Fancy nail art ideas for party occasions.

video: 05 Fancy Nail Art ideas

Women love to create multiple fancy and artistic nail artwork at home. But they get confused when they want to do it at home. But let me tell you that you don’t need to be scared. As I mentioned in my previous articles, you just need to do practice and you’ll create professional nail art by the passage of time.

In Wedding occasions, women want to create fancy nail art at home. So in this article, we are going to share 05 Fancy nail art ideas that will address your desired need. Now you can make your perfect nail art designs at home. you don’t need to go to beauticians, just follow the instructions and implement it properly. you’ll able to make artistic designs to according your needs. You can also add some innovations according to your needs. And for those who need some further assistance, Our video will help them a lot to understand basics about nail art.

What you Need

  • Upper coat
  • Basecoat
  • Nail paint ( Pink, Black, White, Silver, Green purple, Maroon)
  • Artificial hair layers
  • Liner brush
  • Beats

1. Gold shimmer Nails

Fancy Nail Art
  • First, of all apply the base/upper coat on your nail and then let it dry.
  • Now apply the light golden color on your nails.
  • Then apply glitter sparkling dust/mehndi glitters on the nails with the help of a finger or brush.
  • And paste the beats and apply the upper coat to give them a shiny look.

2. Classic stripes Design

  • Apply the Beige nail polish on the nail and dry it.
  • Now apply the different nail paint in the form of stripes.
  • And lastly, apply the upper coat.

3. Hair nail art

  • Apply pink nail paint and paste the hair with the help of the upper coat and beats as well.
  • Apply upper coat at the end to shine it further.

4. Zebra nail art

Fancy Nail Art
  • Apply the white nail paint and then make the zebra stripes with the help of a liner brush.
  • The upper coat is the necessary finishing part of every nail art design so do it again.

5. shimmer nail art

  • In this Nail artwork, We’ll apply the upper coat twice. So firstly apply an upper coat on nails.
  • Apply silver & maroon nail paint in shimmer form.
  • Finally, apply the upper coat once again for giving it a fabulous look.
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