French tip nail art ideas
French Nail Art Nail Art

French Tip Nail Art Ideas – How To Create French Nail Art At Home

French Tip Nail Art Ideas

French tip nail art is the design that meets the dual purpose, it gives a bit sparking look but you can create it during fieldwork as well. Actually the basic idea of this nail is painting the tip of the nail in a specific color that never contrasts with the base color. French Tip nail art ideas have been established due to different techniques and you can also create some variations by adding some different painting shades. French tip nail art is quite easy to paint at home. Although you need some expertise, that can be obtained by proper application. In this post, we are going to share some tips about French Tip nail art ideas.

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Trendy Nail paints like gels, chrome nail arts, and classy designs are added in it along with french manicure including glitters and splendid nail art tools. The nail art addict just needs an occasion to create some fun using nail paints along with the combination of creative nail accessories.

French tip nail art is the most popular design because it appears in a nice and elegant shape. It also associates us with the traditional heritage of french age. It depends on the nail paints, which you have chosen to create historic designs.

French tip nail is very smooth and easy to make at home. you just have to experiment with different nail paint shades according to your desire. The beauty of this nail art is, it looks awesome from young to old.  There are several ways to stand you at the top when compared with traditional nail paints. Multiplying colors of different shades and you can also add matt and glossy paint to give it a fancy look. You can also use metallic nail polish to further glorify its looks.


  • Upper coat
  • Black Nail paint
  • Gold Nail paint
French Tip Nail Art

How to pop up

1. Always apply the upper coat before applying nail paint to avoid nail pigments. 

2. Create a foundation by applying black paint as a base coat.                                      

3. Apply gold paint at the tip of the nail to give a french look.

4. Lastly, fill your nail by upper coat again to further shine the surface.


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