Glitters nail art
Glitters Nail Art Nail Art

How To Apply Glitters Nail Art At Home – Multicolor Glitter Nails

Glitters Nail Art 

Glitters Nail Art is entirely a unique nail artwork. Normally when we have to attend any party occasions or weddings, we prefer beauticians for nail artwork. Because we think it’s an impossible task to fulfill this at home.

Video of Glitters Nail Art

But let me assure you that Glitters nail art is quite simple and easy nail design. I remember it was a few years back when I didn’t know anything about nail art. I always went to beauticians for my Makeup and nail care etc. But one day I didn’t get the appointment and I had to rush to my cousin’s wedding ceremony. So I decided to do my makeup and nail art at home. I applied glitters nail art because it was not only an outstanding design but quite simple and quick as well. Finally, when I reached there, everyone gets shocked to see this and they appreciated me a lot. So I assure you that you don’t need to take panic just practice it 2-3 times and you’ll do it easily.

Furthermore, I’ll also give you the complete details of this nail artwork. you just have to follow the guidelines and steps mentioned in this article. For those beginners who are completely unaware of nail artwork, we have also shared the video of Glitters nail art. It ‘ll help you a lot.

Glitter nail art

What You Need

  1. Basecoat
  2. Upper coat
  3. White Nail polish
  4. Sparking dust glitters (different colors)
  5. Nail paint remover
  6. Cotton bolls/cotton buds

How To Apply Glitters

  • Firstly, apply the upper coat to protect your nails.
  • Then apply white nail polish.
  • Now apply sparkling dust by using mehndi glitters according to your desired colors.
  • Kindly remove the wasted glitters from nails with the help of a brush.
  • Then Apply the upper coat once again to fix the glitters and to give it a fabulous look.
Glitters nail art

I have presented some nail artwork using Raw Glitters on Nail Polish. I used Different shades of Glitters by applying upper coat before and after the Glitters application. It was the simple one just for the beginners.
You just need to follow our instructions and practice these guidelines on a daily basis.

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