Latest bubble nail art design
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Latest Bubble Nail Art Design 2019 For Beginners

Latest Bubble Nail Art design

Best manicure is the compulsory part to enhance the beauty of a modern lady. Women have always been crazy to create some classy designs on nails. As the summer season has many memories regarding nail art ideas. you can also create marbled nail art, Net nails, and half-moon as well. But winter can be tricky regarding designing on nails. You have to face some moisturizing issues, so your priorities get diverted to some extent. But as we all know women are impatient in these sorts of matters so they need something which can fill up space. So the latest Bubble nail art design is the best option to help out in this scenario. 

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Bubble Nail Art is a fabulous and stylish design that suits women of all age groups. Especially women who are housewives or they can’t afford any nail art tools, this nail design is perfect for those ladies. In this article, we’ll let you know how you can make this nail art easily at home.

What you Need

  1. Nail file stick
  2. Basecoat
  3. Upper coat
  4. Detergent foam
  5. Cotton pad
  6. Nail paint colors
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Golden
  • Light peach
  • Skin
  • Light green
  • Silver glitter paint


1. Firstly File the artificial nails with the nail filer stick.

2. Now apply a base coat on the nail and then let it dry.

3. Paint your nail using grey nail polish and it’ll be our base coat and then dry it.

4. Repeat grey nail paint once again and then let it dry.

5. Take water in a cup and add detergent then shake it to create bubbles in it.  

6. Then apply a thin layer on a nail by using silver glitter nail paint.                                                   

7. Apply detergent bubble foam on the nail and leave it for a few minutes.

8. After that, dry out the nail using a cotton swab and apply the upper coat to give it a finished look.

Similarly, create this awesome nail design on the rest of the nails.

Latest bubble nail art design
Bubble nail art
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