Bridal hairstyle
Bridal hairstyle HAIRSTYLES

How To Make Easy Bridal Hairstyle For Wedding Occasion

Bridal Hairstyle For Wedding Occasion Brides involve everything into romantic elements from wedding decor to wedding gowns and even their beautiful locks. And if you consider yourself to be the part of these glamourous brides, you are the lucky one. In this post, we’ have come up with an Easy Bridal hairstyle for newlyweds bride. …

Contour guidelines
Face Makeup Makeup

What Are The Steps To Contour And Highlight With Makeup

Step by step Guide on how to Contour & Highlight What is Contouring? Contour is basically applied to define or reshape your facial features. The areas of your face which are shaded less prominent. This can help make your cheekbones more pronounced, makes your nose more narrow. It may also help to reduce the appearance …

Hair streaks
Hair Color

03 Methods To Do Hair Streaks At Home – Hair Streaks Tutorial

03 Methods to do Hair Streaks at Home The good thing about hair streaks is that it adds color to your hair without committing entirely to a new color. If you are expert enough to dye your own hair, visit your nearest beauty cosmetic outlets and purchase all the necessary supplies. You need bleaching along …

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