how to do face wax at home
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How To Do Face Wax At Home – Facial Waxing Near Me

Face Wax At Home

Facial waxing is quite quick but a delicate task for ladies. it can make your skin smooth and soft if done it perfectly but can get terrible if you don’t apply it properly. Waxing can last for more than three weeks if you follow the professional tips and it can save your money as well. But more important is this before doing the wax, you must know about your skin type and safety precautions else, you can harm your skin. So in this article, we are gonna tell you how you can do Face wax at home. we’ll also let you know basic tips about waxing.

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What you Need

  • Wax warmer
  • Hot wax
  • Wax strips
  • Wooden spatula
  • Facial band
  • Before & after wax lotion
  • Facial sponge
  • Mask
  • Cleanser

How to Do

  1. Firstly getaway your hair with a facial band. cleanse your skin to fade away dust particles and then remove it with a facial sponge to get a clean & smooth skin.
  2. Moisturize your skin by using a lotion before you go start wax and in the meantime, you should start heating wax.
  3. Start applying to wax at the required area by using a wooden spatula/ applicator. Always apply wax in the directions of hair growth.
  4. Remove the wax with wax strips in the opposite direction of hair growth. Similarly, complete waxing in the same manner at the rest of your face.
  5. Now, you need to apply after-wax lotion to complete the waxing procedure.
  6. Lastly but more importantly, you have to use a face mask( as per skin type) once the wax is completed, as pores get visible after waxing.
  7. Remove face mask after 15 minutes by using a sponge.
Face wax at home

Expert Advice

  • Make sure wax is less warm before you go to apply.
  • If the pre-wax lotion is not available to you don’t panic, vaseline can also be used in replacement.
  • Always use neat & clean wooden applicator.
  • Avoid using wax beneath your eyes, as skin is much sensitive there, so it can get your skin damage. 
  • After removal of face mask, apply a moisturizing cream to fill up leftover pores.
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