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Fuller’s Earth Face Pack Homemade Remedy For Skin Whitening

Fuller’s Earth Face Pack 

Fuller’s Earth; the most important staple ingredient which has been using worldwide for health and beauty purposes. In Asian countries Fuller’s earth has been known as “Multani Mitti ” belongs to Multan ( City of Pakistan). Fuller’s earth face pack is widely used in Homemade remedies for beauty & skincare.

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It shows tremendous results in skincare. Today we’ll also share some major benefits of Fuller’s earth and its mask remedies as well. so let’s see some benefits about Fuller’s earth.


Skin glow and Fairness 

Fuller’s earth enhances the glow and fairness of skin and also provides a natural tone. The vitamin C and natural bleaching properties in fuller’s earth removes dirt particles and dead skin cells also.                                                     

Treats Acne and Pimples   

This face pack prevents your skin when acne and pimples appear abundantly on your skin. it contains minerals having natural healing powers to dry up acne and pimples.

Reduction in Scars 

People having oily skin are facing challenges of scars, which are the after-effects of acne and pimples or by scratching skin as well. Fuller’s earth due to its natural bleaching feature removes scars and also brings back your natural skin tone.

Improves Skin Elasticity

Fuller’s earth naturally enhances collagen production. As a result, it helps bleach the skin and exfoliate the dirt carrying skin from the atmosphere.

Treats oily skin 

Fuller’s earth controls the excessive oil of the skin when combined with cucumber.  Similarly, it has natural moisturizing properties,  ideal for persons having oily skin. Fuller’s earth fills up pores of the skin. it should be used two to three times a week by Oily skin customers.   

Another drawback of acne or pimples contains whiteheads, proceed to blackheads later on. Fuller’s earth having natural bleaching properties removes blackheads and whiteheads. it dries up the oily skin after using Fuller’s earth face pack every week.

Reduces suntan 

Suntan damages our skin badly which makes our skin so sensitive. Even we are unable to use certain chemical creams to removes these suntans. As our skin becomes already sensitive to use such brands. Therefore Fuller’s earth natural bleaching impact along with vacuuming properties helps reducing suntan and maintain natural skin tone.

Removes Dark circles 

Dark circles fade away after getting proper sleep or by increasing hydration as well. Moreover, constriction of blood vessels may be also one of the reasons leading to pain and inflammation. The fuller’s earth mask also assists in this process and removes dark circles due to its natural bleaching properties.

Reduce Pigmentation 

Pigmentation is the worst thing that happens to women. women containing pigmentation suffers from depression in this arena. But Fuller’s earth makes you pigmentation free if combined it with lemon juice, curd, Honey and tomato juice. Lemon and tomato juice contains bleach features that remove scars. The further malic acid in curd bleach the areas where pigmentation appears prominently. while Honey soothes the skin hydrates the skin as well.


  • 1 teaspoon Fuller’s earth
  • ¼ teaspoon Turmeric
  • 3 tablespoon Curd
  • 1 tablespoon Lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon Gram flour

How To Make Fuller’s Earth Face Pack


Add all ingredients one by one in an empty bowl.


Mix well so that it becomes a thick paste and then apply to your face properly.


Let It remain on your face for at least 5 minutes.


Now it’s the time to scrub your face by fingertips.  Do proper massage because the skin needs moisturization to remove dirt and fill up pores.

STEP  5                                                                                                                         

wash out with normal water, where the mask is applied (face or body).

This natural remedy does the wonders and you can see it by video demonstration as well. so kindly do try this at your home and don’t forget to share your personal experience with us. your valuable comments and suggestions are always honorable for us.

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