How to hide dark circles
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How To Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes With Makeup

How To Hide Dark Circles with Makeup

It is quite challenging to take complete sleep during the night, as we get enough involved in our routine activities. I remember I hardly ever took the recommended 8 hours of sleep! If you do, that’s really appreciating. But if you don’t then it can lead to dark circles. But don’t you worry, we have a four-step routine that can combat dark circles. In this post, we have some tips for you how to hide dark circles with makeup.

How to hide dark circles
How to hide dark circles

what you Need

  1. Eye cream
  2. Concealer
  3. Makeup brush
  4. Translucent powder

Follow the steps

1. Apply Eye cream to your skin

Pour out a drop of eye cream at your palm and then dab it gently by fingers under your eyes from the inner corner to the outward. Similarly, apply to the other eye. Eye cream plumps the skin and makes your veins less visible. If you have dark circles due to sun exposure, an eye cream having alpha hydroxy acid may help lighten dark pigments under the eyes.

2. Conceal your dark areas

Dark circles mostly appear in blue or gray color. To conceal them you should use a color opposite to the spots, that would be peach or orange. Choose a medium peach color for fair skin. If you have medium to dark skin, then pick a dark peach or orange color. When you go for concealing, pick a shade that is 1-2 shade darker than your skin color. Make it sure that you choose a darker shade, so it completely hides your dark circles. Apply concealer using your ring finger, low enough to cover the dark area under the eye. Don’t panic that your under eyes getting an orange shade, it can be managed by a blend.

3. Start Blending

Now pick a concealer that matches your skin tone and paste it at the top of the orange color which you applied. Blend it smoothly to make disappear the orange color. In this step, you just have to blend the concealer but be careful under eyes that you don’t remove the orange concealer that’s underneath.

4. Appy Transculent powder

Lastly, dab a little puff of translucent powder over the concealer to stay it for a maximum time. It also helps resist concealer to slip away in wrinkles.

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